Koloro MOD APK v6.1.1 (Premium Unlocked) Download

If you are a photography lover then Koloro PRO MOD APK will be an indispensable tool for you. With the latest version that we provide below, you can use all features of this app completely free of charge.

Koloro Pro MOD APK

In the past, if you wanted to capture important moments, people needed to use a lot of bulky camera equipment to do so. But today as the technology is increasingly developed, smartphones are integrated cameras with sharp, compact resolutions that help users take pictures anytime, anywhere. Gradually, in order to catch up with the demand, applications for photo editing were introduced and became increasingly popular. And today I want to present to everyone an application that I love so much called Koloro. Surely with the great features that Koloro brings will not disappoint you.

Features in Koloro

Light filter

Almost on the market today, editing applications are focused on the light filter aspect. Each application will have its own special and unique filters to compete with competitors. Koloro on the other hand, the highlight of this application is the uniformity of all features for users to use.

This tool provides more than 800 different filters for users to choose from. Photos will become more luxurious and modern with a Coco filter. Or if you love the classic, you can go for Retro. The pictures of the beautiful coastline will become more wonderful with the fresh green tones.

Basic tools

Manufacturer Cerdillac has many years of experience in this field. So they have a professional team that makes a lot of great color filters. But if you still want to do the editing yourself, you can manually edit your photos through the tools Koloro offers. Koloro fully owns the basic tools of a mobile photo-editing application. Enjoy cutting and rotating to find the right ratio. Automatic smoothing, toning down for obscured parts, HSL, exposure, temperature. Basic adjustments to contrast, texture, grain, and more.

You can also use the effects Koloro provides to create more lovely photos. The many sun and sparkle effects like in classic 8mm film will make your photos more special.

Edit video

The great thing about Koloro is that you can edit videos easily. You just need to crop the video and then perform the editing steps like normal photo editing. It’s easy, right?

Custom personal library

You will save the photos and videos that you like to your personal gallery. Koloro also allows you to quickly copy and paste to create multiple similar images. Using this personal library, you can also batch save and delete with just a few mouse clicks.

Download Koloro Pro MOD APK for Android

Koloro Pro MOD APK is available for free download. Quick access to the link below the article will help you quickly download this application to your computer. Now let’s turn your monotonous photos into unique works!

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