Last Of Us Episode 2 Spoilers: How Did Ellie Got Infected?

There are many Last Of Us Episode 2 spoilers in this article, so if you don’t want to know anything, I strongly advise you to stop reading now. We will be talking about some of the things that happen further in the game, and also we’ll do a Last Of Us Episode 2 Trailer Breakdown.

Episode 2 trailer, which was unveiled at the end of Episode 1. This gives us a lot of information about what will unfold in Episode 2 and the upcoming weeks, and throughout this article, we’ll be discussing the easter eggs, characters, and what we expect will take place as a result of what happens in the game.

We’ll talk about things like Tess, Clickers, Joel and Ellie, Tommy, Frank and Bill, the differences between the games, and all the references we found.

Last Of Us Episode 2 Spoilers

Now, the first episode of The Last of Us concluded with the group leaving for Boston, where we saw a shot of the game’s famous twin skyscrapers. This is most likely the next stop, and I believe that the focus of Last Of Us Episode 2 will be on them traveling into the city as we see them do in the game. These skyscrapers, which we later saw, were their first visit. However, this time, this one was daytime.

The twin scrapers

The twin scrapers (CC: HBO)

In the Last Of Us game, you found that perhaps the road to the government building had been broken and therefore had to climb up the left one of those buildings before moving up to the right. You found a clicker fastened to the wall, found your way to the bottom, and here you encountered the other clickers. Additionally, there was a site of one in the storm on the rooftop.

Anyway, they came up with some pretty clever ways to use the laws of physics in the buildings, particularly the one at an angle, and I simply can not wait to see how this will be used in the show. 

Introducing The Clicker

Now the fact they’re traveling on this journey is cemented by the Civil War museum which opens up the Last Of Us Episode 2 Trailer. In the game after you made it through the skyscrapers you passed into this and it was full of infected. They’ve really managed to recapture the look of it with the antique muskets and weapons being in display cases that we see the group hiding behind.

The clickers sound absolutely terrifying and in case you don’t know these are infected people who’ve had Cordyceps so long that it’s actually grown out of their eyes making them blind. When you’re first hit by them they attach to your brain and this is so that they can control your behavior.

From here they start to sprout out through the body and eventually they eat their way out of the front of your face. This is why they’re referred to as clickers because they see using echolocation. They got highly tuned hearing, so you have to be more silent than a fart in a lift and this is why we see Joel and co standing behind the display.

The clickers

The clickers (CC: HBO)

Echolocation works by them hearing sound bouncing back off something and thus if they were out in the open they’d instantly pick up on them. Now because they’re blind they aren’t alerted to flashlights which is why Joel can stand there shining them.

The Fun Guy

Over the top of this, we hear Ellie asking if Joel’s ever killed one before, and mirroring this we see her approaching one under rubble with her knife drawn. This is at the stalker stage in which they’ve been infected for a while and the fungus is transforming them.

Now, this kinda sums up the infected and what the creative team was really going for when they started to design them. They’re very much supposed to be sympathetic villains and when you’d come across them in the game you’d often find them weeping in a corner.

I can imagine having a parasite attach itself to your brain and slowly send you mental isn’t a very pleasant experience. It’s also eating away at your tissue as well so it’s probably more painful when you’ve got a headache.

That’s very much the feeling I get from my guy Barney Rubble here with him being very much at the mercy of Ellie. She moves her knife over his head and mirroring the clickers we can see the fungus growing out of his eye. Just doesn’t seem like he’s a very fun guy….ey…and I warned you about those puns, I warned you.

How Ellie Got Infected?

Now here we get Joel and Ellie sitting down and talking. I’m not sure where this is but I’m guessing it happens quite early on due to how much Joel shuts down the conversation. She asks if he finds it difficult to kill the infected knowing that they were people. But as we know he doesn’t really mind killing people even if they’re people.

Riley and Ellie

Riley and Ellie

Anyway from here we get a shot at a character who was touched upon in the first episode and actually get a lot filled in about how the show is gonna handle things. With this, we are entering the Last Of Us Episode 2 Spoilers territory.

It looks like they’re adapting the additional DLC left behind and this basically goes in-depth on what happened to Ellie the night she got bit. This had us meeting Riley who we learned in Episode 1 was with Ellie when she got infected.

Ellie was training at a Fedra camp which she was drafted into as a child and her best friend Riley had run off and joined the fireflies. Her friend Riley comes in and pulls her out of her room and we learn that she’s joined the fireflies and is being shipped off the next day. She basically wants to have one last night with Ellie and she takes her to an abandoned Mall in the QZ that’s off-limits.

Here they ride a merry-go-round which we see playing out in the Last Of Us Episode 2 trailer. It’s basically a date for the pair and they end up kissing at the end of it with Ellie asking Riley to stay. She says yes but it’s cut short by the infected swarming them and both the pair get bit.

We see Ellie looking at her arm and you might also notice that in the shot before that she’s wearing the t-shirt she was in episode 1. We know she was picked up by the fireflies and was wearing this when she was chained up so this likely leads directly into episode 1.

Bill And Frank

Let’s talk about Bill and Frank in this Last Of Us Episode 2 Spoilers article. We cut to the group walking along a street with the Boston State building directly in front of them. When you made your way through this part of the game you had that constantly off in the background with the golden dome acting very much as a waypoint for you, Tess, and Ellie.

From here we get shots of the scenes in Boston with Tess saying that they’re just trying to keep her alive. We then get additional shots in the museum, see the rifles, and then the clickers screaming at them.

Frank with someone

Frank with someone (CC: HBO)

From here, we get a shot that I don’t really recognize from the game. We see a person in a truck rushing towards a gate and looking at them we can make out a cap and that they have shoulder-length hair. They seem to be on their own and as this leads into the Bill scenes I’m guessing that it’s him.

We catch him in his town Lincoln which was the next stop after Boston. Here we see Bill and Frank with the latter being someone that we never actually met in the game.

By the time Ellie and Joel arrived at Lincoln, he’d run away from Bill and had tried to make a break for it by stealing a truck battery from a military caravan. This failed and thus Joel and Ellie were able to get it and make their own way using the truck he’d stolen. It seems like we’re getting way more of their relationship played out as we see Bill warning there are no friends out there and then a flash of the town being attacked.

We can catch Frank with a gun drawn and what looks like people burning torches standing off in the background. I’m guessing that Bill these out using his traps which were something that appeared as he moved through Lincon.

Crazy And Then Jackson Settlement

The idea of them not having friends is cemented in the next shot in which we see Kathleen. Played by Melanie Lynskey this is a brand new character for the show that looks like she’s leading a large group of rebels.

From the other trailers, we could see that she seemed to be located in Pittsburgh which was hammered home by the truck with a run on the front of it. She’s in a position of power holding a gun to someone’s head and according to the reviews, she’s gonna be a really big character.

We then get what I’m guessing is the siege of Pittsburgh which is carried out by the rebels. Fedra ran most of the QZs but since they were pretty much fascists that would hang people for going outside, dissent started to rise amongst the citizens. They formed their own groups and took over but whether they were better or not is another thing entirely. They were just as bad as Fedra were and would rob and kill people who came into the city.

Jackson Settlement

Jackson Settlement (CC: HBO)

Now on the opposite side of this, there were peaceful settlements such as Jackson which we see in the next shot. If you look in the top left you can catch a sign for it with it advertising the lights festival 2003. The game took place in 2013 whereas this started off in 2003 so that the twenty-year time jump could take us to the present day. Looks…looks bloody better than the world we live to be fair and I wish I was there.

Anyway, Jackson wasn’t a place that we really went through in the first game and it was only in the second one that we got to walk around the place. Obviously, the showrunners have the gift of hindsight so they can sew the seeds for season 2 and we even have a nod to the second game in this wide shot of the town.

To the right, we can see the Tipsy Bison and this was a bar in the game where a big scene went down involving Joel and Ellie. And I’m guessing that they might visit this place at some point and we can see the Last Of Us Season 2 seeds being sown.

We then see Tommy now sporting facial hair and he’s basically one of the high-ranking citizens of Jackson who lets them stay there. Joel initially wants Tommy to take Ellie to the Fireflies due to him being an ex-member but after Ellie runs off J dog ends up doing it. Later on, we see Tommy closing the gate on them, possibly saying goodbye to Joel before they head out on the rest of their adventure.

Taking In Sign Language

Next, we catch him looking at his watch on a rooftop and this is pulled directly from a scene in Boston. Joel has a moment where he looks almost as if to remember Sarah and it’s a really subtle and touching moment that displays his thoughts.

Now from here, we see Sam and Herny who are survivors that the group meets in Pittsburgh. They’ll probably be helping the group escape Kathleen and interestingly you can see Henry talking in sign language. A number of reasons for this include deafness, obviously. Though he isn’t deaf in the game, so  I don’t know if it’s exactly that.

They could however be used to silently communicating with each other in order to stay quiet and they might have had to learn this to not draw attention to themselves. Obviously, clickers are gonna be a big thing in the show so that could be a reason for it.

Talking in sign language

Talking in sign language (CC: HBO)

Next, we see some infected and a Bloater climbing out of the ground. These were heavily infected people that had basically mutated into massive hulking monsters that were capable of throwing toxic gas and acid at the character. They were completely terrifying and some of the scariest things that you came across in the game.

Big Last Of Us Episode 2 Spoiler

Next, we see shots of Joel about to smash, smash, smash, and smmmmmash. Then clickers attacking Ellie and lastly what I think is a shot from the final episode.

Now Imma gives you another quick spoiler warning just in case you really don’t want the ending ruined….but….but…..but….they do eventually make it to the fireflies and then stuff goes down worse HBO probably canceling this after one season cos Warner Brothers have no chill at the moment.

So Joel and Ellie actually make it to the fireflies and upon arriving there they almost drown which is when they’re picked up by the group. Joel awakens in a hospital bed and discovers that they’re prepping Ellie for surgery to remove the mutated strain from her brain.

The only problem is that this will kill her and thus Joel goes Rambo on the entire place and kills all the soldiers and doctors. I think this is what we see playing out here as he’s clearly walking through a corridor and mercilessly shooting at people.

Anyway, that closes out the trailer and though we’re only one episode down I have really high hopes for the season. If they can keep up with just how good episode 1 was then we’re in for the best video game adaptation ever by quite a large margin.

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