Life Is Strange 2 is changing next month

Life Is Strange 2 is coming to Switch in a few weeks.

The episodic adventure game 2019 releases in full on February 2nd. The five-part saga sees brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz on the run from the law after its awakened supernatural powers lead to the loss of a loved one.

This news also means that the entire Life Is Strange franchise will be available on Switch. 2021’s True Colors arrived a few months after its release, and Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection, which bundles the first title and prequel Before the Storm, came to hybrid consoles last September.

In our review, former editor Joe Juba gave Life Is Strange 2 an 8.5 out of 10, writing that “Life Is Strange 2 has quietly weaved a powerful and candid narrative experience that admirably continues the legacy of the series.” What is your favorite Life Is Strange game? Let us know in the comments! Life Is Strange 2 is changing next month

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