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About Manuganu 2 MOD APK

Are you ready to explore the prehistoric world in Manuganu 2 MOD APK? After the first season achieved many successes, the publisher of this game decided to release season two. In this next version, players will experience challenges, new modes, encounter monsters that you never encountered in season one. Players need to pay attention to control their character so that they avoid the traps and attacks of monsters. At the same time you also need to collect the coins along the way, that is your reward. The later the challenge becomes more and more difficult, only the most flexible people can cope with all situations. Quickly download and join!

Various challenges

As I introduced from the very beginning, the most innovative point of Manuganu 2 is the release of new maps. If you have played the first version, you must be familiar with the image of the prehistoric guy. He is a man who loves to explore, wants to go through every land to conquer monsters. Compared to the first season, Manuganu 2 has more flight mode and swimming mode. You will be surprised when you have to confront giant monsters. It is necessary to observe exactly how its attack is to be dodged immediately. Run through the lava area, use the rope to swing over the deep cliff, swim in the underground water. All are not to be missed.

Simple character manipulation

The gameplay of Manuganu 2 has not changed much compared to season one. You will still watch your character run on a track. The scene changes gradually and you have very little time to decide what to do in the face of traps or monsters. Touch once on the screen, the character will jump up, double tap to create a roll for a longer distance. Because the running speed is increasing, you must choose the exact position of the character to make the jump. Just one negligence you will not win.

Many game modes for you to choose

Coming to Manuganu 2, players just need to download and easily enjoy on their mobile devices without wifi. Offline game mode allows you to take the challenge anywhere, anytime. However, some levels will be limited due to insufficient preloaded resources. And when you have mobile data, you can experience it all. The game screen is constantly changing, not boring repetitively. Enjoy great leisure time with high speed action game.

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