Maya Ali calls out critics for ‘harsh’ reviews after just one episode

The Pakistani drama industry has been criticized for repeating the same content over and over. Critics feel they have a right to voice what they think doesn’t work, but according to actors Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf, these critics don’t fully consider what’s going on behind the camera. Addressing the critics, Ali said that they wrote their “hard” reviews after a single episode, and that they didn’t even bother to watch the whole series to understand the progress and the work that went into its production.

in an interview with something high talked about the need for mutual respect between actors, actors and critics. Ali detailed that even streaming giants like Netflix don’t always produce the best content, with some being hits and others failing. He added that critics did not consider why an actor chose similar scenarios. This might be because the actor felt better suited for a certain type of job, or because they needed to manage their home, she thought.

Addressing the drama critics, he said, “I have a request from you guys – when you review, you watch the first episode and make your decision. No one knows what will happen in 25 episodes, where the story will go, but after the first episode, your decision is here. There are many players who feel this but don’t say anything. They spend the winter shooting at night and do the same in the summer under scorching sunlight. I find it easy to sit in an air-conditioned room and comment. “

Ali asked them for more empathy. “If you want to give us a review, work with us for 90 days and you will understand how a person comes from home and what kind of work they do,” he said.

Ali noted that while criticism is sometimes genuinely helpful, it is not expressed politely. “I’m not saying you’re spewing negativity, most of the time it’s the good stuff we’re dealing with with our production. [houses] ‘Look people aren’t stupid, they’re starting to understand, especially thanks to Netflix etc, so do it better.’ But the words they use are too harsh, too harsh. I’m not just talking about you, but others who don’t even know the rules of examination.”

She pointed out to her crazy expectations for actors to take her seriously. Do you know that players are sensitive? People say, ‘Are you an actor? You have to stand up to criticism.’”

Esref determined that “constructive feedback” was all that was needed, and gave two cents to the subject. “I want them to do a drama or something five minutes before they give us feedback. Then watch it. It’s easy to sit and judge. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ll say that for me a hit or a flop is a mood. It doesn’t matter. I agree with Maya.” “Only we know how much effort and effort we put in. Respect should be mutual,” he said.

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