Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack APK v6.3.81 (Patched) Download

About Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack APK

Discover now a new collection of app icons in Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack APK. This application is a product of the publisher Yeye the Devil, suitable for those who need to change the new interface for their mobile devices. Inspired by the ever-popular MeeGo style icon, Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack promises to give you the widest selection of icons possible. It is suitable for anyone who loves innovation, creativity and modernity. Many users have reported that they enjoy interacting with their phones more after using this icon set. To not have to pay download fees and still use all the features, please choose the MOD version that we provide. Tens of thousands of people have used it, so don’t wait any longer, download it quickly!

Unique icon design template

As I introduced at the beginning, Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack is inspired by MeeGo. With a lovely squirrel image combined with a modern drawing style. You will not be able to find such icon set anywhere because it is exclusively designed. The designers are all carefully selected by Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack, have good qualifications and know how to create eye-catching, modern images. Moreover, they have a very good creative mind, just looking at the sample icon set you can see this. The iocns are square but have rounded borders. Minimalist drawings, harmonious and outstanding colors. It will definitely give you a whole new perspective.

High resolution images

All Meeye icon templates, Classic MeeGo icon pack are guaranteed to have an ultra high resolution of 192×192. So even if the icon image is small, it will not affect the resolution. Users have the right to change the icon size according to their personal needs. Increase the overall size or increase the icon of important applications. No matter how you transform, the image is still very nice, not blurred.

Always ready to accept icon requests

Because the number of applications on the market is very diverse, there will be some applications that Meeye, Classic MeeGo icon pack cannot release icons for. But do not worry because the application is always ready to receive user opinions. The more requests an application type receives, the sooner its design will be available. New designs are continuously updated weekly, monthly for users to choose from. The newer the models, the more carefully crafted and more heavily invested in images.

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