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Mesmerize – Visual Meditation Mod Apk: Relax and clear your mind with an audio-visual meditation.


* Relieve Stress

* Low Anxiety

• Better sleep

* Increase Self-Awareness
Download Mesmerize - Visual Meditation Mod Apk
* Deeper Relaxation

* Reducing Pain

* Focus on the Future

Meditation has many other proven benefits. Meditation can make a huge difference in your overall life quality.


* Engaging visuals. Uniquely hypnotic visuals that will seduce you. You can control their speed using the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

* Relaxing Psycho-Acoustic Music. This music is based on scientifically validated principles that will help you relax.

* Guided meditations, expertly designed to assist you in your meditation journey.

* White noise and Nature sounds, including fan of rain ocean thunder trains and more

* The Sleepy Story; fall asleep quickly while listening to drowsy stories.

Focus Music is music that helps you focus and beat distractions.

* Visual breathing; your chosen pattern of breathing will be automatically adjusted by visuals.

* Audio Fusion; Mix outside sound with Mesmerize audio.

* Mesmerize will automatically cease after certain time.

* Variable Volumes: You can control both the music and voice separately, to achieve the perfect balance.

*Offline compatible; Download your favourite content and listen to it later on in plane mode.

* Random Modes. Don’t you hate choosing? You can choose a random content type or from your favorite favorites automatically.

* Privacy Focused; no ads no marketing emails no logins or passwords no accounts no crazy permissions. Mesmerize was created in the age of data intrusion.


* Mindfulness

* Anxiety

* Gratitude

* Love Kindness

* Emotional Wellbeing

* Forgiveness

* Self-Care


* Reduce Pain

* Show compassion



* Chronic pain

You can find out more about it!


If youand’d like to learn more on the science of visual meditation visit www.MesmerizeApp.com/Science

Mesmerize - Visual Meditation Mod Apk

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