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Miragine War can be a satisfying game. It is not just this genre that gives you such satisfaction. The gameplay style for this game is quite simple, but very different to similar games. Miragine War has eliminated the extra foliage, and instead focuses on combat. It can even be called a Mortal Kombat. This game is about being on a battlefield with your enemy. You control military units, and your goal is to defeat your enemy. There is no story, and there is no way to win. It is very simple to use the gameplay and it might only take you a few seconds to learn the functions. But there are many units within the game, and it will take time to get to grips with them all. You can have one or both of the two fortresses, just like in most strategic games. Whoever destroys the other’s fortress first wins.

About Story and Gameplay

Although we don’t see combat gear like cannons and spy buildings in the Miragine War, each unit has unique strengths and limitations. The challenge lies in devising a smart and precise strategy. Miragine War is an all in one game. The stage design is excellent and the atmosphere is wonderful. The battles are well-designed and offer a great challenge. The game allows you to try different strategies, due to the number of units. It is easy to get bored of playing through the stages because of all the different capabilities and facilities that you can use to confront your enemy. This increases the replayability of the game. The game’s graphic environment is stunning and attractive. It also has a classic retro style. Also, the sound effects and soundtrack of the game are very well done.

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