My Cafe MOD APK v2022.10.0.0 (Fast Personal/Visitors/Level Up)

My Cafe MOD APK is a simulation game in which players will manage a cafe shop and develop their own store. In the MOD version, you will have an unlimited amount of money to unlock the tools for making drinks. Expand furniture, restaurant decorations, and more.

About My Cafe MOD APK

Perhaps opening a store is not easy for those who just start a business. If you ever dreamed of opening a restaurant right now, get used to running a store and growing it. In this article, we want to bring you the game My Cafe. This is a simulation game released by Melsoft Games. In it, the player will be transformed into a manager of a cafe shop. Leading the restaurant from the first days without a customer. Does that mean you have the potential to be a boss? Try playing My Cafe!

Restaurant management simulation

In this game, you will be managing a cafe shop. If you are inexperienced, start with buying furniture and coffee makers. You will have the first guests to visit the shop and enjoy your coffee making skills. Everything is not easy for a beginner to get acquainted with the business. You will experience all the difficulties that a shop owner encounters.

Players will start with simple things like talking to guests, order drinks, and delighting the guests with your skillful coffee making. From there, you will create your own patrons. The fun begins when you can set the price for the store’s menu. Gradually this small cafe will become more crowded and you will also need more order staff.

Interacting with customers

Communication with customers is something employees need to pay attention to. You can talk to your customers to find out what they need, sometimes funny conversations for guests. From there, customers will be impressed with your store much more. You can choose existing dialogue lines and lead the conversation with your customers. Don’t be shy, our guests are also very cheerful and open-minded.

Upgrade and decorate your restaurant

After the initial steps of opening a store, you already have a certain number of customers. At this point, you begin to develop your store and decorate it better. You start ordering more furniture, dispensers, televisions, wallpaper … The number of customers will increase soon and you also need to expand your store to serve the best way.

You also need to upgrade and unlock the coffee maker for better productivity. However, you must regularly communicate with customers and improve service quality to get more experience points from customers. Because most coffee makers, cake cabinet, and vending machines only unlock when you reach the level requirements.

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