Netflix’s Renewal Policy Explains A Lot About Canceled Shows

an interview with Netflix‘s Co-CEOs provide some interesting insights into the streaming service’s renewal policy and how that relates to canceled shows. It premiered in 2022, and then quickly canceled series such as: blockbuster, Midnight club, and Resident Evil He argues that there is a very narrow window for Netflix originals to find an audience. Among other shows canceled by Netflix in 2022 Warrior Nun and Space Forcereached their second season before the streaming service dropped them.

in their last interview with BloombergNetflix Co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters talk about the current streaming landscape and the challenges the service is facing. Interestingly, Ted Sarandos is on Netflix’s “never canceled a successful show.“While this is true, it does open up an interesting debate about how Netflix measures the success of its original shows. Sarandos’ claim also means that canceled Netflix shows are highly unlikely to be revived.

Netflix’s Response Means Canceled Shows Are Less Likely to Return

Ted Sarandos’ belief that Netflix has never canceled a successful series shows that series like this are heavily implied. Midnight Club Even as co-creator Mike Flanagan continues to work with the streaming service, he shouldn’t expect a second chance. This is an interesting reversal of the position that Netflix found early in the rollout for original programming. Famously, 2013 was Netflix’s highest-profile original show in those early days. Arrested Development revival.

Netflix provided a home to the beloved Jason Bateman sitcom after it was canceled by Fox, answering the prayers of fans who expected more from the Bluth family. Nearly a decade later and Netflix is ​​clearly no longer in the business of reviving canceled series. If Sarandos is right in their belief that they never cancel a successful show, that shouldn’t be a problem. fans Arrested Development Season 4 expressed their desire incredibly, but Randall Park and Melissa Fumero’s blockbuster Submitting a petition for season 2.

Has Netflix Never Canceled a REALLY Successful Show?

Cancellation of the Wachowski brothers’ LGBTQ+ Netflix show, Sense8 It was a huge disappointment to its passionate fan base. It was immediately clear that the show had found its audience, but that wasn’t enough to save it from being cancelled. This raises questions about how exactly Netflix and Ted Sarandos measure success. Talking about Sense8announced it was canceled in 2017, the content manager at the time explained (via Hollywood Reporter) he is “The audience was very passionate but not broad enough to support the economy of something this big.

The same financial concerns clearly influence Netflix’s decisions today. Inside Bloomberg In the interview, Sarandos suggests that the measure of success is purely financial, and “Most of these shows were well-intentioned but appealed to a very small audience with a huge budget.” This is an explanatory comment suggesting that potential audiences were not taken into account during the commissioning process. Netflix’s big budgets clearly come first, presumably with the intent to finance the production of a prestigious product they’ve clearly failed to sell to viewers.

Another obstacle to the success of these big-budget projects is Netflix’s approach to broadcasting and distribution. Dropping entire seasons of a new show into one weekend is an increasingly risky move as the number of streaming services and original programming available continues to grow. highly successful sitcoms such as Cheers and Seinfeld It took years to build a massive audience, but as the Netflix platform continues to oversaturate with original shows, it’s only natural that many of these series struggle to make an instant impact.

For every popular Netflix show like Ginny and Georgia and Wednesday, There are other shows that performed less favorably and led to their cancellation. The solution is to create an equation based on watch hours vs. watch hours, as Sarandos suggests. cost. As Sarandos points out Bloomberg interview, “You should be able to speak to a small audience on a small budget and to a large audience on a big budget.“But the basic truth of the matter is that not every show canceled by Netflix is ​​a hugely expensive fiasco, and many don’t require major visual effects or Hollywood stars.

As an example of a series that falls halfway between Netflix’s big-budget and small-budget productions, Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘ Divided It was canceled after one season. Although Harris was a big star, the show itself didn’t require heavy CGI sequences or practical effects. The show was well received by critics and audiences, but was eventually canceled after not spending enough time in Netflix’s Top 10 rankings. It is not clear exactly what the viewing hours are. cost equation for Divided solved, but it shows that the problem with Netflix’s original programming is bigger than the financial return.

Neil Patrick Harris is a big star, so if he doesn’t attract the audience that much Divided If it’s supposed to be successful, there must be other problems with the game. Netflix’s problem with shows isn’t that they refine their budgets to the size of potential viewers. These viewers are constantly distracted by other shows. Netflixand that is before signing into one of the other streaming services. If Ted Sarandos’ plan is to be truly successful, new shows need to be given space to find audiences rather than competing against multiple competitors on the same service.

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