New Arcade1Up Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Arcade Cabinet offers online play

One of the most influential games for the fighting game community is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: Age of the New Heroes, which was first published in 2000. This crossover takes legendary rosters from Marvel Comics and Capcom and pits them against each other in team-based battles, making it a standout release among other fighters of the day. The game is well remembered to this day and considered by many to be the best Marvel vs Capcom Game that has been voted the best fighting game of all time in some quarters. Unfortunately, the game has been delisted since 2013 and is no longer officially available for purchase on digital storefronts.


Since then, fans have begged Capcom and Marvel to re-release this game, which came to a head thanks to celebrity YouTuber and FGC figurehead Maximilian Dood. Last year he launched an online campaign to bring him back Marvel vs Capcom 2 hopefully to convince the relevant parties to re-release the game. Arcade1Up, a manufacturer of arcade cases, has revealed to fans that a brand new case from Miracle Vs CapCom 2 coming out this year.

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As revealed in a new video by Arcade1Up, the company will be doing a re-release Marvel vs Capcom 2 with this case officially licensed by both Marvel and Capcom. This closet will not only feature the above MvC2, but eight more classic Marvel fighting games. This includes the first MvC, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, X-Men: Children of the Atom, and more. Not only that, this arcade cabinet is not just limited to local games as it supports online games, which means fans can challenge each other in games MvC2 from around the world.

Additional features of this arcade cabinet include exclusive artwork on the side panels, as well as a custom riser that adjusts the height of the unit, allowing fans to play the game while standing upright as if they were back in the arcade themselves arcades. The machine also has a special lighted marquee as well as a headphone jack so players can focus on their games. Similar to other Arcade1Up cabinets, no quarters are required to play the included games.

Fans have expressed their excitement at the release of this case, with EVO Champion Justin Wong noting Miracle Vs CapCom 2 is finally “liberated” after so many years. There’s no word on whether this arcade re-release could lead to a modern port across the board, but this at least gives fans a chance to play a collection of classic Marvel fighting games. Pre-orders for this cabinet can be made from September and will be shipped the following month.

That Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cabinet by Arcade1Up will be released in early October 2022.

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Source: Arcade1Up New Arcade1Up Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Arcade Cabinet offers online play

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