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About Noah’s Heart

Developed by Archosaur Games, the makers of Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart could be the next generation open-world MMORPG that brings you stunning vistas of the earth, with Unreal Engine 4 advanced graphics.

The vast world of Noah’s Heart

Come back and immerse yourself in this huge open world, a planet filled with wonder and adventure! Planet Noah offers a great opportunity for adventurers to socialize, where you will enter the super world of another world.

Through the spread of lifestyle, you will meet new friends from all over the world. Whether you want to share the thrill of exploring the wilds or possibly fighting alongside your gilded members, there’s always a place on this planet for you to bond. the others. Let’s rewrite your heroic story on planet Noah!

Life on a seamless planet

No boundaries, no limits. Explore every part of this huge one-of-a-kind world! get pleasure from a free life on earth Noah, everything you want will be created by specializing in many professions. This planet is rich in resources, while you’re exploring, keep an eye on the resources you can collect.

Summon and Battle Historical Characters

Summon the Phantoms of historical figures and allow them to join your journey across the earth patriarch. Fight alongside the Phantoms to visualize however they use the knowledge and power of the good humans in the parallel world of Noah’s Heart. Build relationships with them to understand their special stories. Phantoms are your most trusted partner in combat and life.

Journey with friends

Your journey on planet Noah cannot be alone! Make friends from all over the world and build your favorite social group together. Complete quests and earn rewards to grow your guild stronger every day! Share experiences and discoveries with guild members, partnering with them to challenge dungeons. May your adventures forever be filled with laughter and joy on planet Noah!

Fight while there are no limits

Interact with anything in 3D battles anywhere you have full control over your character’s movements, attacks, and skills. You are allowed to choose whichever weapon you feel is most suitable and switch between primary and secondary weapons. Build strong groups with your friends to take on enemies from opposing factions and fear the monsters lurking in the dungeons. The explorers of the planet patriarch are not alone.

Customize your character

Produce and concretize your distinctive style. Personalize your temperament with a powerful customization system. Everything from body shape, skin color, hair, eyes, lips, clothes, and more, you are in charge! cull from a wide range of vintage, fashion and exotic clothing design articles to help you stand out on planet Noah.

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