One-Punch Man’s Tatsumaki and Mob Psycho’s Shigeo Placed by ONE

one punch man and Mafia Psycho 100 creative ONE, the two most powerful psychic characters, Shigeo “Mafia” Takeyama and tatsumakiThey would meet in an original drawing he shared on his Twitter account.

ONE is the accomplished author who created two of the most critically acclaimed manga of the past decade. one punch man and Mafia Psycho 100. While the setting of the two stories is quite different, they share more than a few similarities in the way the main characters are portrayed. mafia‘s hero Shigeo is incredibly strong. one punch manfrom Saitama. However, while the bald hero’s strength lies in the ridiculous strength of his body, the Mob’s powers come from his mind, making him the most powerful psychic in the world. one punch man It also features characters that wield psychic powers, and the strongest is undoubtedly Tatsumaki, the hero known as the Tornado of Terror.

in 2019 ONE posted it on his Twitter account A number of original drawings, including one depicting an imaginary encounter between Shigeo and Tatsumaki. As expected, the conflict between these two legendary espers would have disastrous results. Bodies fly around them, and the ground cracks and warps under the pressure of their psychic powers. However, neither Shigeo nor Tatsumaki seem unaffected by the destruction that surrounds them, maintaining the cold demeanor that makes their characters so unique.

Tatsumaki Would Probably Win In A Fight With The Mafia

An interesting detail is that ONE drew Tatsumaki in a typical Japanese “sailor” school uniform. Working with ONE, Yusuke Murata one punch man The digital manga commented on the post asking if it was a younger version of Tatsumaki or if the protagonist still wears this type of outfit today. ONE said that this is from Tatsumaki’s school days, but considering his demeanor, he probably skipped school altogether. A funny interaction between these two one punch man Authors confirming that they have a great relationship, which is already evident from the quality of their manga.

It’s hard to say who will actually win a fight between Shigeo and Tatsumaki, as both have shown reality-defying power achievements in their respective series. However, the fight between psychics often decides who has more experience in using their powers. Besides being younger than Tatsumaki, the Mob restrains himself for most of his life because he fears his own power. Tatsumaki, on the other hand, uses his powers in real battles every day for his heroic activities, which means he’ll likely have an advantage. ONE fans are still waiting for a legendary pass Mafia Psycho 100 and one punch manbut for now, they can enjoy this funny depiction of a meeting between them. tatsumaki and shigeo.

Source: @ONE_rakugaki on Twitter.

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