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Recently, we have got many feedbacks of members. They want to play mod versions which exclude advertisements. Therefore, we add these versions and give many promotions to patrons. Besides, normal members can still use mod version free and support us by watching advertisements in games.

Become VIP MEMBER by sponsoring only 7.99 USD/month for us.

Please click the “Proceed with PayPal” button to get VIP-Rank for 1 month.

What are the benefits of the VIP Membership?

  • Use the best mod features
  • Supported separately by admin & modder
  • Download VIP files quickly with just one click, no ads, no intermediate pages 🆕
  • No ADS in game
  • No ADS on forum!
  • Yellow colored name to show your VIP rank
  • Edit your own posts for unlimited time
  • And more more….

If the payment don’t works please contact the admin via private message.

This is a one time payment. If your VIP get expired you have to donate manually again. You cannot purchase again before your VIP upgrade ends. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait long. If you buy VIP again after your upgrade expired you will be upgraded instantly after the donation. Your license will be re-activated, that means you don’t need to download and place it again, the old license will work again. Please note that we never can guarantee that the mods we offer are available forever, the devs can add new security which forces us to a delay or to a deletion of the mod. Over that you don’t donate for requests or wishes, you donate for the offer we have already and for the offer WE choose to add in future. If you hurt the forum rules you will be banned without any refund.


  • Download your license file by clicking the “Download Now” button above.
  • Some devices download the blackmod.license as license.txt, that will not work. Rename it in that case to blackmod.license
  • Place the file “blackmod.license” to internal storage location on your device.
  • On Android 6+ you need to enable the storage permission in the app settings for that game in order to read the license file, otherwise no file will be generated and the license cannot be read, game will crash senseless (Emulators don’t need to set permissions except of Bluestacks 4+ and Android 6+ instances).
  • Done, the game will start now.

NOTE: We are currently updating vip links in the Blackmod Share
We have recently opened VIP. So please give us time to update the vip links first. VIP mod features will be updated gradually in the near future.
VIP versions will be displayed directly below each game, as shown below


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