Opera Browser: Fast & Private Mod Apk 69.0.3606.64982

Opera Browser Apk Mod‘s latest release is fast, secure, and private. It comes with an Adblocker. The Opera web browser has a simple and intuitive design that allows you to do more online in a shorter time.

Safe and fast browsing

Opera’s native ad-blocker helps to eliminate thousands of unwanted ads. It also speeds up your page loading speed, which will improve your browsing experience. We have also added an option to remove the vast majority of unwanted privacy and cookie dialogs.

Opera Browser: Fast

Protect your whole device with Opera Browser

Opera Browser can protect and encrypt your online activities. Virtual server Pro provides protection for your whole device as well as every app that you have on up to six devices.

Access to 3000 servers at high speed around the globe

Protection of up to six devices

Access Servers in 30 Countries

– Encrypt your traffic on your entire device

Private Browser

Private tabs allow you to surf the Internet anonymously without leaving any trace. You can easily switch between private and normal browsing using the tab gallery.

Time and data saving

Are you experiencing a slow internet connection? Want to reduce data usage? To load webpages faster on slower networks, switch to data-saving mode. Opera Browser uses our famous compression technology to help you save data and not break your browsing experience.

Personal news feed

The rebooted news feed is powered by the smartest AI news engine. It allows you to swipe through personalized news channels in the browser, subscribe to your favorite topics, and save stories for later.

Night mode

Opera’s Night Mode allows you to adjust the lighting levels for a more comfortable reading experience, even in darkness. This will ensure that your eyes are not straining as much. You can access night mode from the main menu.

Use to manage your passwords, and automatically fill credit cards

For safe, private, and secure online shopping, opt in to automatically save passwords from each site.

Opera’s text size settings allow you to adjust pages according to your preferences. It works seamlessly with the automatic text wrapping feature to provide an exceptional reading experience.

Flow seamlessly connects all of your devices

The popular Flow feature allows you to instantly share files or images on any of your Flow-enabled devices. This makes it easy for you to switch seamlessly between your iPhone Android tablet and your computer. You can also sync all Opera accounts between devices!

Opera Browser: Fast

About Opera

We were founded in Norway in 1995 with the belief that anyone should have the ability to surf the net. Over the past 25 years, we’ve helped millions access the internet safely and in an innovative manner. The internet is about open standards, but we care more about people.

Terms and Conditions

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