Our Last’s Viral Piano Frog Scene Only Exists Due to One Mistake

HBOs what’s left of us Co-creator Neil Druckmann explains that episode 2’s viral piano frog existed due to a set error. After their escape from the Boston Quarantine Zone, what’s left of usThe second trip saw tough smugglers Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Tess (Anna Torv) accompany 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to meet a troop of militant revolutionary faction in a post-apocalyptic, virus-infested city. Fireflies Blocked by debris-filled roads and dilapidated buildings, the reluctant group is forced to pass through a flooded hotel lobby and are caught by a frog kicking the keys of a grand piano.

Follow what’s left of us After episode 2 aired, fans took to social media to share their love for the piano frog moment.

Druckman Now he’s sharing a behind-the-scenes detail explaining that if it had gone as planned, the scene would have gone in a completely different direction. In a Twitter post, the creator reveals that the frog must have been eaten by a seagull. However, because the bird did not cooperate, the frog instead jumped unharmed in the scene.

The Last of Us is Great in the Details

Before what’s left of us Druckmann and co-producer Craig Mazin assured fans that the HBO adaptation will be a faithful adaptation of the hit PlayStation video game of the same name. Leaked set photos and videos showed the production meticulously recreating the environments and character designs of the original game prior to its premiere. what’s left of us“The attention to detail shows that the producers took great care of the source material.

After the series premiere, it became even more prominent. the last of us the show is a very faithful recreation of the game. The first two episodes featured rich details detailing the world and Easter eggs that only game players could catch. For example, what’s left of us Episode 1 featured various scraps left by Mazin that hinted at the origin of the world-spanning Cordyceps fungus and sparked fan theories on social media. Part 2 later proved these ideas to be true.

care is evident what’s left of us“Writing and world building allows the audience to immerse themselves in the terrifying post-apocalyptic world while actively engaging with an otherwise passive medium.” While the Piano Frog may be seen as a brief moment of insignificance, the scene filled with overgrown moss and a family of ducks represents the lost humanity of the world, with nature now reclaiming the land on which it once flourished. As Joel and Ellie’s journey moves into the next episode, it’s inevitable that there will be more details that develop HBOs. what’s left of us Adaptation for casual viewers and hardcore gamers alike.

Source: Neil Druckmann/ Twitter

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