Plant ID – Plant Identification – PictureThis Mod Apk 1.8 Premium

Plant ID: Plant Identification Mod Apk: With Plant Identifier, instantly identify more than 600000 varieties of plants.

The Plant Identifier now teaches how to care for and grow your plants. You will find gardening advice and tips for thousands of species.

You might be surprised to find a wonderful, undiscovered flower on your walks.

Do you want to incite your children?

Looking for advice about how to take care of your plants?

Take a picture of your plant, and Plant ID will answer all questions!

The revolutionary artificial intelligence engine learns from specialists and experts all the time – now you can access it all. Discover a new appreciation of nature by planting ID plants.

The Key Features

Artificial intelligence enables you to instantly identify plants, flowers, and trees.

Plant problems can be diagnosed automatically. Get treatment recommendations

Our botanists are available for advice in private conversations

Use our Plant Guides to Help You Choose and Grow Beautiful Healthy Plants

Notes: Keep reminders in mind and keep track of the growth of your flowers and trees.

Our easy-to use interface allows you to take better photos

Privacy Policy: https://schristianmusic.blogspot.com/2021/06/privacy-policy-plant-id.html

Plant ID: Plant Identification Mod info


Plant ID: Plant Identification Mod ApkDownload Plant ID: Plant Identification Mod Apk

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