Pokemon fan art combines Cyndaquil and Whimsicott

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises of all time with a worldwide fan base enjoying a wide variety of movies, video games and TV shows. PokemonThe influence of in gaming is astounding, as evidenced by the release of popular titles like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Red and Blue, and more. The Pokemon Company recently released the third trailer for the latest installment in the series and confirmed new details about it Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Pokemon Fans are known to be very creative and with the release of the latest title in just a few short months, the social media platforms have been flooded with creativity Pokemon Fan Art. Most of this fan art focuses on the three starter Pokémon of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as fans eagerly await its release. Sometimes fans create artworks combining or swapping out different features of their favorite pocket monsters. Recently, a Pokémon fan posted an artwork combining Cyndaquil and Whimsicott.

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Reddit user HoundoomKaboom shared an image where they created a Fakemon by combining Cyndaquil and Whimsicott. Although Cyndaquill and Whimsicott have different characteristics and looks, the original poster innovatively combined them and represented the merged Fakemon through pixel art. Cyndaquil is a two-legged fire starter Pokemon introduced in Gen 2, while Whimsicott was introduced in Gen 5 as a Glass/Fairy-type Pokemon. The internet is full of stunning fan art featuring these pocket monsters, but HoundoomKaboom’s creation stands out as the design is unconventional and unique.

The original poster creation has Cyndaquil’s body and the fire on Cyndaquil’s head is shaped like Whimsicott’s hair. The artwork is enjoyed by many in the Pokemon community and received many positive reactions and comments. Some fans even suggested names for the Fakemon; innovative names like “Cyndacott” and “Whimsiquill” were discussed in the comments section. One intrigued fan had an interesting take on the Fakemon, writing, “You see a Pokefusion. I see a Cyndaquil rocking a spectacular mane.” Not all Pokemon Fan art is able to garner the same positive response as HoundoomKaboom’s creation, making this piece of art even more impressive.

Contrary to what some might think, Pokemon Fans don’t just create digital art. Recently, an artistic fan sketched his own take on Quaxly’s development, while a fan created stained glass art by Spheal. As start from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is getting closer, the Pokemon The community probably expects to see more of these creative works of art.

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