Pokémon’s Ash Could Be World Champion, But Still Can’t Defeat Misty

Warning: SPOILER for Episode 2 of Pokémon – Aim to Become a Pokémon Master.

Misty returns in episode 2 Pokémon – Aim to Become a Pokémon Master and defeats AshThe Pallet Town boy proves he’s still not an invincible coach, even after he’s become the World Champion.

Pokémon – Aim to Become a Pokémon Master It is the final farewell season of the anime, in which Ash will be the main character. After the young trainer has finally achieved his dream of becoming the World Champion, a new generation will take the stage 25 years after Ash debuted as the hero of the popular anime. This final season will be a true journey into the past, showcasing all the Pokémon Ash has met and caught throughout his career, while also reuniting him with his friends starting with the first: Misty, the Aquatic type expert City Gym Leader from Cerulean.

Misty Returns to Pokémon Anime and Beats World Champion Ash

Chapter 2 Pokémon – Aim to Become a Pokémon Master It opens with Ash and a new team of fan-favourite Pokémon reaching the sea. While letting Corphish go for a swim, Ash meets Clauncher, a powerful Water-type Pokémon, and wants to catch him. However, he is stopped by Misty, who is also following the elusive creature. To get things done, Ash and Misty challenge each other in a fishing contest and then in a real Pokémon battle where Ash’s Corphish takes over Misty’s Politoed. Surprisingly, despite being World Champion, Ash loses the battle and Misty is free to capture Clauncher.

Even though Ash decides not to use Pikachu, who has some sort of advantage over Misty’s Pokémon, to let him show off in front of Corphish’s newfound “rival,” Clauncher, it’s still surprising to see him lose so soon after 25 years of tenure. . -Winning the title of World Champion. However, a loss to Misty doesn’t seem all that ugly, as the two characters share a deep bond. Misty was one of Ash’s first friends (followed by Brock), meeting him in episode 2 of the original series and accompanying him on his journeys through the Kanto, Johto and Orange Islands. This is actually the second time Ash and Misty have fought for a Pokémon after Ash wanted to catch a Totodile in Johto, who appeared as part of Ash’s team in this episode.

While some fans were angry that Ash returned to his habit of losing important battles so soon after his hard-won victory at the World Coronation Series, this episode was a throwback to many of the moments he shared with Misty. Years later, he is still very dear to the hearts of fans. Pikachu’s non-participation in combat (just as he did at the Cerulean City Gymnasium) gave Misty a clear advantage by making it a competition between Aquatic types. At the end of the chapter, Foggy joins Ash once again on his journey, which confirms it Pokémon – Aim to Become a Pokémon Master A true love letter to fans who have fallen in love with the show for the past 25 years.

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