Ranking of each skill and how to unlock them

Road 96 is an incredible road trip adventure game with a narrative focus and multiple choices that affect whether the land of Petria slips further into tyrannical oppression or finally escapes it at the end of the game. The characters the player interacts with are intriguing and diverse, but they can also bestow helpful abilities that aid in later runs in the game and the last few chapters.

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Some Road 96 skills are more useful than others, from making tasks easier to helping the player survive in a sticky situation, but all are worth unlocking. If a player wants to unlock all of them in a single run, they need to follow the guide below.


6 Chop

While hacking sounds like a useful skill, generally just opening a few doors and safes during gameplay will help. It can also help with certain Stan and Mitch scenarios, but these are less important than some other scenarios.

Unsurprisingly, a specific scene involving Alex is required to unlock the hacking ability. If the player takes a bus or taxi, there’s a chance they’ll find themselves at a diner where Alex is playing a game of Pwong. This will later lead to him attempting to rob the safe behind the diner. If the player decides to help him, he will give him the hacking ability to get through the safe.

5 Pick locks

Lockpicking is similar to hacking, the skill allows players to open new doors in buildings. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow players to unlock cars, but it can also be useful to help Zoe in some scenarios, making it more useful than hacking since Zoe’s scenarios can prove to be much more crucial for the ending reached in the game. This ability can also be used to make money, but it’s not as central as some others.

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To unlock lock picking, the player must take a cab and accompany Stan and Mitch on a heist at Happy Taxi’s headquarters. If the player helps the couple in the robbery, they give them the ability to pick locks during the tense scenario.

4 lucky Star

The Lucky Star is the kind of prize that sounds utterly useless, but actually has a wide ranging buff to the player’s skills throughout the game. For every dice-rolling moment as you progress through the game, the Lucky Star ability adds a 15 percent chance of success to the roll. While the star doesn’t offer any guarantees of success at any point, he will also add some dialogue options.

In order to get the Lucky Star, the player will likely have to walk and run across a Tyrak rally where Sonya enlists the player’s help in filming the rally. The player doesn’t even have to do this job well to help Tyrak, he can sabotage the actual rally by hiring the crowd to boo Tyrak, as long as the player does the pre-rally interview well with Sonya, they get the lucky star.

3 government passport

The Government Pass can help in some of the toughest situations in the game, which is dealing with cops. It offers more options and helps the player escape from some of the most dangerous positions they can find themselves in. It also allows players to have better luck on scratch cards, making it much easier to make solid money in the rest of the game. This ability is valuable, even if it only works well under certain circumstances.

In order to get the government pass, the player must steal a car and be stopped by Officer Fanny. She will arrest the player, but gets distracted with a high-speed chase that the player must help her with. If the player chooses to overturn the vehicle, Fanny will have the player exit the crime scene, leaving her government ID in the car for the player to take with them.

2 omen vitality

For a game where the most likely method of failing each chapter is by running out of energy, the Omen Vitality perk is extremely useful. This perk not only increases the player’s maximum potential energy by two bars, which is a huge boost, but also makes the player characters stronger, giving them more opportunities to break through doors that require strength.

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To get this ability, the player must be picked up by John while hitchhiking. The player has to wake him up when he starts to fall asleep, and he then asks the player to make him a drink, which he gives to the recipe. After preparing the drink, the player gets this extremely valuable benefit.

1 wisdom

The best skill in the game is probably the Cleverness skill. This ability provides a large number of additional dialogue options at key moments in the game, making the player characters smarter and unlocking both deception and persuasion as ways to interact with other characters. This gives players another way to escape across the border by taking the offshore worker exam.

Cleverness is also the most difficult skill to obtain as it involves a rather dangerous method. To unlock this ability, the player must keep taking taxis until he catches Jarod the killer. Having a conversation with Jarod is extremely dangerous and can usually end in the player’s death. For simply surviving a journey with him, the player gains the Cleverness trait. This means that all characters except Zoe have an ability associated with their stories, but don’t let that stop you from including as much of her as possible, her story is vital to the game’s ending.

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