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After more than half a decade of inactivity, Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War sparked a new interest in the franchise. With this new interest, it is naturally wondered where the series went for the second part.

Bleach Some kind of anomaly in the world of Shonen Jump. In the beginning, he was accompanied by the three big members of Shonen Jump. naruto and A piece, Bleach For most of his early work it was a huge success. Unfortunately, waning interest in the fandom led to the anime adaptation of the series being canceled much earlier in 2012. bleach Manga finale in 2016. Despite the divisive ending of the series, the last broadcast anime adaptation, Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood Warwas met with strong support. with Chapter 1 Thousand Years of Blood War Ending on December 26, many are wondering what to expect from the second part of the revival.

the latest Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 News

Ichigo uses his zangetsu in Bleach.

first part Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War It ended with a two-part finale on December 26, 2022, followed immediately by a trailer for the second episode offering a release window in July 2023. chirp A name was also given for Part 2 by Viz Media on December 26: Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War – Separation. Last, Bleach creator Tite Kubo stated in an interview that at least one fight was cut from the game. Bleach The manga will be restored and revived in the second part, but no exact information has been given as to what this fight will be. However, it does open the door to more cut content in the future that will be restored later in Episode 2 or even Episode 3 or 4. Like the first episode, new episodes of Episode 2 are expected to launch first on Hulu. Disney Plus in the US and elsewhere.

Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 Release date

trailer released after ending Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War Part 1 did state that it would return in July 2023, although it did not offer a specific date in that month. New subtitled episodes of Part 1 are released on Mondays at 7:30am PST, and this will likely be the case for Part 2 as well. Dubbed episodes are about four weeks behind so far and are airing on Fridays instead, so dubbing will likely start in late July or early August.

Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 Story Details

Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 should pick up exactly where Part 1 left off, this will be about chapter 543 of the manga. The first episode is adapted from around 60 episodes, so it’s reasonable to assume that the second episode will cover a similar area, putting the end of Episode 2 at about 600. At least one manga fight scene is being added to the anime, and adding non-manga content might slow down the pace a bit. Fans can expect the story to pick up on Ichigo’s training with Squad Zero, while also joining Quincy Wandenreich to be betrayed by Uryu. Some other high-ranking Soul Reapers like Soifon, Hitsugaya, Komamura, and Hisagi are also participating in various training arcs or missions to help restore their lost power, and the anime will likely check this again when it returns. Some of these stories were teased in the Part 2 trailer.

Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 Trailer

Viz trailer released Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War Episode 2 via YouTube channel on December 26, 2022, after Episode 1 finale. The trailer describes the separation between Uryu and Ichigo, as well as the restoration of the lost Bankai and Rukia’s Zanpakuto to their true form. Uryu’s betrayal matters Bleach Because he was one of Ichigo’s first true friends, it puts additional weight on the potential conflict depicted in the trailer that will definitely make fans of the series nervous.

Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2 Cast and Characters

Bleach known for having a large number of characters – too many to list here. By now, almost every Japanese voice actor from the original Bleach anime chose to reprise their roles The Thousand-Year Blood War. The same was largely true for the cast of the English dub, with a few exceptions. Ichigo’s friend Yasutora “Chad” Sado is now played by Alain Mesa instead of Jamieson Price. price stated twitter He said he would prefer to transfer the role to someone of Mexican descent, like Chad, and that wish was respected.

Kenpachi Zaraki was also remastered and is now played by Patrick Seitz, who also voices Ichigo’s father. Bleach, Isshin Kurosaki. Kisuke Urahara is played by Doug Erholtz, who also voices Gin Ichimaru, apparently since his previous voice actor has retired from the industry. Jushiro Ukitake is now voiced by Aleks Le, who also voices Shinji Hirako. Other roles are likely to be recast in Episode 2, but most of the characters involved were already reintroduced in Episode 1, so there shouldn’t be much need for that. So far, there has been no word on casting for new roles in Part 2, and it probably won’t be for dubbing until the subtitled episodes begin to premiere.

Where to Watch? Bleach: The Thousand Years of Blood War Part 2

part 2 Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood War It’s expected to air on Hulu in the United States and Disney Plus everywhere else. Fans who want to catch the show before its return can also find the Episode 1 stream at these locations.

call your prime minister Bleach: A Thousand Years of Blood WarSeparation Check back on this page for updates on the series’ return and when it debuts in July 2023.

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