Rockstar Games To Delay GTA 6 Release Amid Source Code Leaks: Source

This is a surprise to many, the company that is known for secrecy had their upcoming, in-development game, GTA VI’s data leaked. The news of GTA 6 is spreading like wildfire, and the company that is largely responsible for gaming mainstream is under duress. Rockstar Games are taking action to remove any images or videos of leaks there are on the internet. But as the saying goes, once it goes on the internet, it stays on the internet. And the topic has gone relevant as many YouTubers have made a video about it while not violating a single rule.

The internet is also shaken up by the incident, and the topic of the GTA 6 leak has become one of the most discussed topics among fans of the game as well as many among the gaming community. But while the response to this was inevitable, the curious thing is who the many gamers are siding with. And no, the majority is not siding with the hacker, but they aren’t too sad to see Rockstar and Take-Two doing damage control.

GTA 6 Leak

CC: GTA Franchise

Who hacked the game?

The hacker claims to be the one who hacked Uber just a while back. And if that is the case, they have upped the stakes this time, literally. The hacker is on negotiating terms with the company and wants to be paid hush money. And the hacker in question has a lot of sensitive data on them.

Not only is the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6 in their hands, but also the personal info of the employees that work there. This makes it a must-have priority to deal with the threat as it is a direct break of privacy. What’s more, the hacker is not from anywhere in the United States but United Arab Emirates (UAE). Making it hard to press charges against the information theft.

How the companies will work to get it is also something that many have been interested in. It is in their best interest to safeguard the privacy of their employees along with the source code of GTA 5 and 6. The company is in negotiation as of writing this article and has yet to make a public statement on the full details of this fiasco.

What are the leaks? 

This is a subject no way we can avoid. If there is one thing we have learned, it is this; leaks are treasure troves for the fans. And seeing how long ago GTA 5 was made, no wonder everyone is jumping on to learn what it is about. And this is the main reason Rockstar Games and Takes Two are trying to get rid of all the video footage from the internet. While companies have many reasons not to have their content leaked, it doesn’t stop curious people from peeking into what is in the works.

One of the important takeaways from the leaks was the protagonist or protagonists. Rockstar had stated earlier how GTA 6 would have a female protagonist for the first time. Looking at the leaks, it is all confirmed, but we also see another protagonist who falls in the line of traditional protagonists of the GTA franchise.

GTA 5 had three protagonists, so it’s no wonder the sequel would continue in the line of the protagonist. But what will settle a big majority of the fanbase is the change in activities for GTA. The game will be much more sensitive and will not be violent like the last one. For PC players, this also means the cheat codes will not be as fun.

Lastly, there is footage of gameplay and gameplay under the development game. Watching the raw schematics, along with the source code, has gotten many interested except the parent companies. We also learned that the game will come somewhere in 2025, probably at the end of the year. But there is a catch.

GTA 6 Leak

CC: GTA Franchise

Rockstar may delay GTA 6 further.

You read that right; the game could face a delay due to the ongoing hack & leak issue. We had asked our source from the company, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the seriousness of the matter. Our source is currently working on the GTA 6 project, and we asked if this leak would have a setback for the development & release of GTA VI; our source quoted us the following,

“The upper management is furious that the source code of the game is leaked, which would attract lots of exploits & cheats when the game comes out. The development team is under major pressure from the higher-ups to re-do the source code in a way exploits can be avoided. Rockstar is currently taking the necessary steps to avoid setbacks from the leak. The game was supposed to release around September 2025, but given the leaks, it might not be released till late 2026. Fans should know that the company does not want to disappoint them regarding any delays, so they will not admit to any delays officially.”

Rockstar Games have also released an official statement which is below: 

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