Roguelike RPG Offline – Order of Fate 1.27.2 Apk Mod

The Order of Fate

It welcomes you into its world. This is the place!

Roguelike RPG

Adventure inspired by classic RPGs. Explore the Dungeon and fight your way through its secrets, while collecting tons of loot. The turn-based system allows you to plan every move, while special interactions and mechanics will add a unique twist.

“When an ancient evil will rise when followers of the dark will emerge when villages and towns will be terrorized, people will be put in great danger. You’ll be forced to defend yourself!”

Roguelike RPG - Order of Fate Mod Apk

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Caves, dungeons, and catacombs in the Ancient Castle.


The demonic Cult cleanses the earth from the hordes of monsters


Rare armor equipment and magical artifacts.


You can get rewards from quests, and you will be able to create the unique setting that will allow you to survive the Dungeon.

This fantasy role-playing game will allow you to

Upgrade and enchant your weaponry

Complete lore-driven quests give you new skills and each victory brings you closer to the end of evil.

The Cult can stand in the way of your progress. Only by solving their mysteries, and discovering their secrets, will they be defeated.

Secret treasure rooms

You’ll prevail. Don’t let your desire for treasure or knowledge get you down. The Dungeon is always at the ready.

You can choose your fate.

Download Roguelike RPG - Order of Fate Mod Apk


Many lands will be immortalized in legends or made into the next great lands


Who will make the darkness his own?


Procedurally generated levels

Every Dungeon is different and each level will be unique.

Play offline

Our roguelike doesn’t need to be online all the time.

Monster Variety

If they work together, each monster presents new challenges and complexity.

Explore lore to meet fascinating characters

Discover the history of your lands, make new friends, and record your own name history.

Our free Roguelike RPG is one of the most popular turn-based strategic games. It offers tons of adventures, quests and achievements. We don’t think so.

It’s possible to try it yourself.

Roguelike RPG – Order of Fate Mod info


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