Rotation Orientation Manager 24.6.1 Apk Pro Full Unlocked

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Rotation | Orientation Manager Mod Apk can be used to control the orientation of your device. You can configure it according to various apps and events, such as call lock and headset charging or dock. Let’s take a look at its features.



*Auto-rotate on

* Forcible auto-rotate * forcible portrait * forcible landscape

* Reverse Portrait * Reverse landscape * Sensor portrait * Sensor landscape

* Full sensor force * Lock Current – Lock current orientation

Rotation | Orientation Manager Mod Apk


* Call orientation * Lock orientation

* Charging orientation * Dock orientation * App orientation

* Event priority – Customizable event preference when two or more events are occurring simultaneously.


# Modify the orientation of foreground apps or events using a floating head or notification tile that can be customized.


* Dynamic theme engine that is background aware to prevent visibility problems


* Boot start * Notification

* Use widgets shortcuts or notification tiles for various operations.

Rotation Extension to Automate Over 40 Actions via the Locale/Taster plugin.


* Configured major features quickly with a quick setup

* A dedicated support section for general problems.

# Backup and restore the settings of your app to protect and load them.

features marked with # must be used. A rotation key must also be used.


English Deutsch Espanol Indonesia Italiano Portugues Russkii Turkce Zhong Wen (Jian Ti ) Zhong Wen (Fan Ti )


Internet Access To Display Ads in Free Version.

To retrieve running apps

Statistics on Android 5.0 (Android 5.0) To find foreground apps.

Modify system settings – To change display orientation settings.

To draw over other apps

To read the device’s identity and state

Start at startup To begin service after the device reboots.

Control vibration To activate the device when an orientation change occurs.

Modify USB Storage (Android 4.3 or below). To Create and Restore Backups

Download Rotation | Orientation Manager Mod Apk


To provide an improved experience, it uses accessibility services to lock the screen orientation of Android 8.0 devices. It cannot access any sensitive information or window contents.

Conditions, Events, Accessibility, and Rotation

Purchase RotationKey to get more features and support your development.

If you have any bugs or issues, please email me before you make any reviews.

Apps might not function properly if forced to use certain orientations. To use the system settings, you can turn Auto-rotate off/on depending on conditions.

Reverse Portrait is disabled for some Xiaomi devices (MIUI), which have default launchers. To make it work, please try another launcher (homescreen).

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