Smith Story MOD APK (One Hit Kill) 1.0.105

Smith Story is a tap idle craft game. Collect books on blacksmithing from all over the world and improve the blacksmith so that the player can become a proud blacksmith and follow in his grandfather’s will to become the strongest blacksmith. You can collect coins by defeating monsters and selling fakes. If you collect a lot of coins, you can compete with other players using even more powerful features. (world ranking). Fight powerful monsters, find rare materials, forge legendary weapons, and become the strongest blacksmith!

Smith Story MOD APK

Make Money

Let’s expand the old and weak smithy left by the good old blacksmith. You can sell your blacksmith weapons, defeat monsters, find treasure chests, and collect coins in offline games. If you collect a lot of coins, you can also enter the leaderboard!

Click to tinker

The game is easy to play by clicking and dragging and can be operated without looking at the screen for a long time. You can also make even more powerful weapons by searching for materials and crafting blacksmithing books. Materials can also be used to defeat monsters or obtain treasure chests from the market. As you raise the level, the functions that you can enjoy will increase!


The game allows you to regularly collect collections by fighting monsters even offline. You can choose where you want to stay on multiple maps when you are offline, and you can catch more demons with powerful characters and weapons.

Spawn more characters and summon monsters

More characters can be spawned by completing missions during the game. Each character has a different special ability, and by collecting special items (monster cards), you can summon and strengthen monsters. Come on, let’s go collect your favorite monsters!

Rank In-game leaderboards and leaderboards

Players are evaluated according to their level of performance in the game. There are ranks from level E to SS depending on the success rate of forging, the degree of completion of the illustration, and the level achieved, and the “world ranking” is determined by the number of coins possessed. Aim to rank in!

Infinite reincarnation and weapon refining system

The game spawns levels that are strong enough to play without hitting the limit. If you meet certain conditions, you can refine your weapon and be reborn, giving unlimited damage to your enemies. Challenge yourself to levels that no one has ever reached! “

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