SO S20 Launcher MOD APK v3.5 (Prime Unlocked) Download

Experience the Galaxy S20 / S22 launcher style through the feature that SO S20 Launcher MOD APK provides. This application is suitable for all Android mobile devices, please make sure your device configuration is enough to meet it. Love the look and tools of the Galaxy launcher but don’t want to change your device or don’t qualify for it? No need to be so complicated because now with a mobile app you can easily switch to the Galaxy launcher. To use all the features of the Pro version without paying, choose the MOD version that we provide. Millions of people have downloaded and used it, so don’t wait any longer.


SO S20 Launcher gives users 1000+ themes including application icons and desktops for you to choose from. It most accurately simulates what will be on the Galaxy S20 and S22 launcher. There are also utility Drawers to help you adjust features more quickly. As simple as adjusting the screen brightness, drag the Vertical drawer down from the top of the screen. Here you will see items such as wifi, mobile data, bluetooth on / off, volume control and brightness adjustment pull bar. The screen will immediately adjust to your drag level. Until you see the right light, stop and push the Drawer up.


Each person has different priority application items, SO S20 Launcher supports users to switch the location of these applications. By holding the icon of the application and drag and drop to the desired position. Application pooling has never been so easy. Find apps faster with the toolbar. Enter keywords and a list of correct requirements will appear on the screen. No more wasting time just scrolling to find the apps you need.


To give users peace of mind to use a completely different launcher on their device, SO S20 Launcher has a battery saver. You will be analyzing the power consumption of the applications to adjust them. And the application automatically shuts down background programs to ensure the smoothest device. Sometimes your phone lags due to opening too many apps at once. Hide apps that contain information that you don’t want others to see. Only you can open these hidden apps with your own passcode.

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