Sonic Co-Producer Shares Early Art From Before Sonic Was the Hedgehog

Conceptual drawing released showing the origin of Sonic the Hedgehog on his Twitter account From Naoto Ohshima, the designer and co-creator of the Sega mascot. As CBR pointed out, the post appeared on Ohshima’s profile on Saturday, and today he compared sketches of characters in the series to how they looked in a previous game, which he sketched and formed the basis for the original game. .Sonic game.

Titled Twin Stars on a sketch of the prototypical game’s characters, the sketch features two anime-inspired children with spiky hair, one blue and the other red-haired. In one image, they are wearing t-shirts, each with a single star in the middle, and the other boy’s signature color on the collar and shoulders. A black and white sketch shows the two boys running like Sonic, but instead of curling up into a prickly hairball, they just run with their arms outstretched and lift clouds of dust. And in the background of an image, a familiar, rocky loop de loop harks back to Sonic’s early days.

“I’ve made a sketch of the game. It’s an action game about twin brothers who protect the dream world from Nightmare World’s boss, ‘Thirteen.’

The footage also provides a glimpse into what the enemies might have been like had things gone differently for the franchise. Thirteen is depicted in the sky as a long-nosed, jagged-toothed face, although seemingly far more menacing than Sonic’s eternal rival, Doctor Eggman/Robotnik. Also depicted in the black and white sketch are some enemy prototypes that look like a grumpy tree, a grumpy rock, a grumpy ball and a grumpy thermometer and molars.

It’s not the first time Ohshima has discussed the concept of Twin Stars, but the final comparison between it and the finished Sonic product provides a glimpse into the creative process that produced one of the longest-lived characters in video game history.

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