Sophie Turner’s wild “Do Revenge” cameo is comedy perfection

Over the weekend, Netflix released the darkly twisted new teen comedy, take revenge. The gist of the film is that two high school girls – a dethroned queen bee named Drea (Camila Mendes) and an outlaw lesbian relative named Eleanor (Maya Hawke) – bond over two rather traumatizing scandals that have turned their lives upside down .

Dreas comes in the form of a nude video, believed to have been leaked by her then-boyfriend. The video ruins Drea’s social standing, but somehow elevates her popular friend into a feminist heroine. Eleanor’s downfall is a prolonged burn: a year-long grudge against a fellow student who outed her and portrayed her as a predatory lesbian. Eleanor hasn’t seen the woman for four years until she finds out she’s going to the same school as her.

The movie is Bananagrams. There are no fewer than a dozen moments that make you gasp loudly. Sometimes you watch a comedy, then a full blown satire, then a psychological thriller. There’s a little character called Oscar winner Olivia Colman who isn’t played by Oscar winner Olivia Colman. It’s all gas, no brakes. I’m not entirely sure what my take on the film is, nor am I sure I have the confidence to develop watch after watch. Admittedly, I was also slightly stoned while watching, which may have clouded my judgment. I’m just trying to keep up with you here.

But if there’s one thing you can trust me about, it’s what happens at thirteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Enter: Sophie Turner.

Turner is best known for her incredible run as Sansa Stark game of Thrones. She is also known for marrying the second most attractive but objectively talented Jonas Brother. But in take revenge, Turner plays Erica, a pastel-colored British high school tennis player who becomes the first prime suspect in the case that leaked Drea’s nude video. Acting on a tip from Eleanor, Drea seeks revenge and manages to stuff Erica’s belongings with coke, getting her kicked out of tennis camp and sent to rehab.

Erica’s spiral is when Turner comes to life. Starting with the line: “I do not even do With-Cain! Drea, you unbearable cunt, I know you did that. You fr–she tricked me!” Erica becomes increasingly insane until officers pick her up and take her away. Her friend, played by Eliza Bennett, echoes from behind, “You tricked her!” While this may all be fun to read on paper, the real art is in the execution. See below.

It’s almost as if Sophie Turner was brought to this earth to yell at someone with the C-bomb. And she does it with such madness that you might even be able to say, “Did that resourceful guy with the brassy hair snort some cocaine just before this scene?” Inspired.” She’s completely unhinged, showing the whites of the whites of her eyes (not a typo, but a fair description of how much of Turner’s eyes can be seen) as she yells, “I don’t even know what it looks like!

I went back after the first viewing and counted; Turner is only on screen for a total of three minutes and five seconds. She returns later in the film, still dressed in the film’s pastel colors, to give a final speech to Drea from a rehab facility for a drug she wasn’t originally addicted to. She reveals that Drea ruined her life. She has since lost her tennis scholarship to Stanford and ironically developed a cocaine addiction.

She cups her hands around Drea’s face and, without a shred of hesitation or restraint, says bluntly, “I wish you only the worst for the rest of your miserable, damn life… and… I love your earpieces.” She unrolls one of the earrings her finger, and I was rightfully unsure if she was going to rip one right out of this woman’s earlobe. (She doesn’t. Turns out she really was a fan.) The whole exchange is insane, and in a movie that proudly goes off the rails, it’s like Sophie Turner saying, “Hold my red wine.” ‘ passed it on to a crew member, launching into one of the most smashing performances I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m not going to be one of those people who says, “Give Sophie Turner an Oscar!” We already know that the Best Actress Oscar is for overly serious white women in biopics. But I think Sophie Turner needs to do more comedy. She is camp. She is absurdity. It’s wonderfully loud and crass and possibly a little touching. After watching take revenge, I’m sure Turner could perform “You can’t handle the truth!” talk of A few good menbut not sure if jack nicholson could deliver the last speech sansa gives before ramsay bolton.

May Sophie Turner’s comedic rise continue. And may I suggest drinking and giving in your favorite pastime take revenge one try.

Just no cocaine. I don’t even know what it looks like.

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