Soul Knight MOD APK 5.0.0 (Unlimited Gems)

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Dive into the endless dungeon levels as you take on plenty of amazing and thrilling actions with your hero. Experience the authentic and addictive top-down action gameplay with this latest title from ChillyRoom. Unleash awesome skills and spells toward your enemies to finish them with styles. Pick up your swords and guns as you immerse yourself in endless dungeon adventures throughout the gameplay. Choose between unique heroes with varied powers and abilities, equip them with incredible weapons and gears, and let’s take on the incredible monsters along your way. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In the game, players will have the chance to dive into the epic fights with aliens as you find yourself in this futuristic world of magical creatures and mystic powers. Here, humanity has developed their own civilizations from the incredible magic capabilities. But now, the sources of that powers, the magical stone is no more. Stolen by the high-tech aliens, who knows what devious deeds that they’re preparing to do. As the main character, you’ll have to embark on your ultimate adventures to defeat the invaders and retrieve the source of all magical powers in this planet. Choose between a variety of different heroes with unique powers and abilities, take them down as you venture through the endless dungeons. Enjoy the smooth and satisfying RPG gameplay whenever you have the time. Soul Knight screenshot 1


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay with intuitive controls and smooth actions

Dive into this simple yet addictive shoot ’em up gameplay as you pick up your guns, bows, or a boomerang to fire at the enemies in the endless dungeon actions. Find yourself surrounded by hordes of enemies as you try to find your way out of this mess. Keep on shooting and make use of the auto-aim mechanisms to ensure your victory. Feel free to move around the map and making incredible dodges using intuitive controls. In addition, you can easily switch your weapons during the match thanks to the intuitive interfaces. From a magical staff that shoots out magical beams, to a powerful sword that can slice multiple enemies in halves.

Choose your favorite heroes between different available classes

As you find yourself caught in this epic RPG adventure, gamers in Soul Knight will also have access to plenty of available characters that you can pick up. Each character will come in a certain class, which results in their own unique powers and abilities. That being said, you can play as the knight or paladin and dive right into enemies’ lines to take them down using your powerful melee attacks. And for those who’re interested in a more conservative way of combat, the incredible mages and alchemists who can shoot out epic elemental attacks will suit you more. As for the stealth fight style, your Assassin would certainly be a better choice. And if you’re looking for some unique fighting styles, the game even features a mechanic and vampire character for you to pick up. Experience awesome brawls while staying in your powerful mech suits or command hordes of bats to attack your enemies. The choices are yours to make.

Pick up plenty of useful and interesting weapons

To assist Android gamers in their ultimate journey in Soul Knight, gamers are also allowed to gear up by picking up various weapons with unique powers. With more than 270 different available options, you can easily optimize your character’s powers as well as customizing your fighting styles to earn the most advantages. Soul Knight screenshot 1

Enable plenty of different boosters to give your heroes the advantages

In addition, the game also features plenty of amazing boosters and buffs that you can put on your characters before and during the fights. These will provide incredible advantages for you to overcome the challenges and significantly change the tides of the battle. Give your hero better firepower to quickly take down the enemies. Put on more shield and armor to protect them from enemies’ attacks, and more.

Explore the epic and refreshing dungeon levels

With a vast level system, gamers will find themselves enjoying the exciting dungeon battles with endless actions and refreshing level designs. That being said with randomly generated dungeons, you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying this awesome world each time you return to the game. Enjoy refreshing experiences anytime playing the game without being bored.

Nasty monsters and intimidating bosses

To make the game even more interesting, gamers in Soul Knight will find themselves being attacked by all kinds of nasty monsters and intimidating bosses in their ultimate dungeon RPG challenges. Enjoy fun and exhilarating gameplay as you find yourself dodging their endless slimy shoots while returning fire. And have fun while dealing with the unique bosses in each arc.

Challenge yourself with plenty of interesting puzzles

In addition, for those who’re interested, the game also features exciting puzzles that are scattered along your paths. Feel free to dive into the addictive puzzle-solving challenges as you find your way out of the epic mazes. Spend some quality time solving the puzzles along with the endless actions.

Have other heroes and pets to assist you

To assist your hero further, you can also get help from the amazing heroes and pets that are presented to you in Soul Knight. Here, you can easily find yourself some companions and pets as you take on the endless level systems. Have them assist you in various tasks and power them up with awesome equipment so that they can be even more helpful. Depending on your enemies, you can choose different heroes and pets with unique powers.

Enjoy the game with friends in Local Multiplayer

And last but not least, the game is currently available for Local Multiplayer that supports up to 4 different players. Hence, you can easily connect your devices with others and dive into the addictive PvP matchups where you’ll find yourself slaying down monsters together, or take on each other in endless PvP brawls. Soul Knight screenshot 3

Free to play

Moreover, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. All it takes is for you to download and install it from the Google Play Store.

Enjoy unlimited gems with our mod

And for those who wish to have the game completely unlocked on their mobile devices, you can easily make it real by installing our modified version of the game instead. That being said, you’ll now have access to unlimited gems to purchase endless boosters and equipment. But most importantly, we’ve removed the annoying ads, so you’ll never find yourself being bothered during your epic fights. Just download and install the Soul Knight Mod APK from our website, and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


The game features a rather simple pixelated graphics setting with no impressive visual elements. However, because of the undemanding graphics, gamers are allowed to enjoy smooth and satisfying actions right on their mobile devices without experiencing any FPS drops during the process. This allows gamers to completely dive into the endless top-down actions.


As for the audio experiences, the game comes with simple yet addictive retro-style soundtracks that you can easily relate to. Not to mention that the accurate and responsive sound effects also make the fights a lot more interesting.

Download Soul Knight Mod latest 5.0.0 Android APK

Those who’re looking for a simple and interesting casual title to enjoy on their mobile devices would certainly find Soul Knight a great option among the favorites such as Dan the Man and Jetpack Joyride. With smooth and satisfying gameplay, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it installed on your devices, especially with our brilliant mod of the game.

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