Spielberg Says The Dark Knight Will Win Best Picture Today

Steven Spielberg, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel, Black Knight, Had it been made today, it would have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The 2008 film was nominated for a total of eight Oscars, including the posthumous win over the late Heath Ledger for his role as the Joker, but the Best Picture nomination escaped it. At that time, only five films were eligible to be selected, while now ten films can be nominated for the award. Historically, blockbuster movies haven’t had many Best Picture nominations or wins, and that number drops even further when sequels are factored in.

Spielberg recently spoke Deadline about his own semi-autobiographical 2022 film, Fabelmansreceives Best Picture. He expressed his excitement at the Best Picture Oscar nominations for the two biggest films of 2022, Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverickhighlights how encouraging it is that blockbuster movies have been recognized as Hollywood’s top prize in recent years. He was sure Spielberg remembered Black Knight, a blockbuster sequel that is sure to be nominated in today’s landscape. The full excerpt can be read below:

“I’m really encouraged [Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick being nominated for Best Picture]. It’s late for Christopher Nolan’s movie, which should have been nominated a few years ago. Black Knight. That movie would definitely have received a Best Picture nomination today, so the fact that these two blockbuster movies are in the top 10 is something we should all celebrate.”

How The Dark Knight Changed the Oscars

Nolan’s Black Knight It’s considered one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, and despite getting an impressive eight Oscar nominations with two wins, it wasn’t rated as Best Picture. This was seen as a massive understatement that led to one of the biggest reforms in the history of the awards ceremony. The following year, the Best Picture category was expanded to ten nominations to include more popular films that were also respected and acclaimed. This has seen more blockbuster films selected for top prize in recent years. Black Panther At the 2019 ceremony.

However, on the contrary Black Panther: Wakanda Forever failed to achieve the same Black Knight It set a precedent for sequels that few films have accomplished in Oscar history. Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick’s The corresponding Best Picture nods even more impressively, especially considering they accomplished this in the same year. Previously, only two sequels have won the Best Picture Oscar, and both are considered among the best films ever made: Father: Part II and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. of the Dark Knight The surprising removal from the category paved the way for increased chances of selection for both blockbusters and sequels, and these effects are visible today. This is no doubt why Spielberg believes Nolan’s shot will be approved today.

Could Batman Sequel Repeat The Dark Knight’s Success?

Another Batman movie to be released in the future is Matt Reeves’s Batman sequel Robert Pattinson’s 2022 introduction to the Caped Crusader drew comparisons to Nolan’s Batman trilogy for its dark, gritty tone and grounded realism. To love Batman Begins, Batman It introduced a new iteration of the Batman and Gotham backdrop. After revealing that the Joker is already in Arkham Asylum, Batman’s The sequel could also see him take on a bigger role. Black Knight, Reeves may want to make sure his trilogy doesn’t just repeat Nolan’s. However, the Joker arguably stole the show and was the main reason for the success of the sequel; If Reeves creates a similarly iconic foe to face Pattinson’s Batman, perhaps his own sequel could achieve similar levels of success.

Source: Deadline

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