Steam Titles See A Pattern Of Price Increases, Probably A Growing Trend

Two Steam games are seeing a price increase, which could be a growing trend for the platform. The indie games Rain World and Factorio have been increasing their purchase prices, although the reasons for both are different.

Factorio is an incredibly popular management/survival game on Steam, first released in 2016. The game sees the player build a factory on a distant planet and build a super factory to generate their income by improving automation and output as they progress. While it has built a strong sense of community, it’s known for another interesting quirk – the game hasn’t seen any sales or discounts in the seven years it was listed on Steam. The logic behind blocking the discounted prices from the developers is sound as they want to respect players who invest in the game at full price.

As Kotaku points out, in a 2016 blog post, the developer said, “If you think [Factorio is] It’s your choice not to buy if the price is too high, and we hope with enough time and extra development we can convince you of its value.” so the price increase news for the title is surprising. in a tweetThe Factorio team announced that starting January 26, the game will increase from $ 30 to $ 35.

The team blamed inflation as the cause of the increase, which makes sense with the current fluctuations in the global economy. The community has welcomed this price increase step by step, but has been generally supportive, with some even asking how they can support the team more. The overflow of positivity is due to the transparency the developers have with the community, and it’s also likely due to the title’s consistent pricing.

Rain World was released in 2017 and is a survival game where the player has to navigate a cat-like creature in a hostile world using a physics-heavy game system. While the game is quite a niche title, the solid art and fun transition mechanics make it an engaging gameplay experience. As reported by GameRant, developer Videocult announced a price hike following the release of the DLC last week, with an expansion called Downpour, which was released on February 2. The base game will jump from $19.99 to $24.99, similar to Factorio’s price increase of $5.

Unlike Factorio’s developer, Videocult hasn’t released an explanation as to why the title has seen a spike, but given the timing of the spike, it’s understandable that the developers are hoping to increase profits after the Downpour DLC is released. The team has assured the current owners that they will not be affected in any way by the price increase.

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