Taffy Tales v0.68.2a (MOD) [UberPie]

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TaffyTales is a fun narrative game that perfectly combines the gameplay of classic interactive fiction games, graphic adventures, and dating simulators, to create a game experience reminiscent of titles such as ‘Leisure Suit Larry’ or ‘Doki Doki Literature Club’.
In TaffyTales you’ll control as a boy with multiple personality disorder, that slowly discovers the dark side of citizens in his small city. The narrative in TaffyTales is based on the complex relationships among the characters, that develop over an entertaining plot that manages to stay clean despite the strongly themes.

You’ll have complete freedom to discover all the secrets in TaffyTales and can advance through the story by solving puzzles and missions -each one more difficult and demanding than the last- that unlock new characters and scenes.
TaffyTales is a game for adults that both fans of the genre and newcomers will love.
Advanced English is required to enjoy this game.


• Added/Continued 12 storylines involving Mary, MC, Clara, Becca, Priscilla, Stacy, Violet, Chantelle, Sara, Danny, Vivian, Tiffany.• Added 600+ pages of narrative with 100+ new full scenes with 500+ unique images (including new unique backgrounds).• Added 4 new locations(Concert area, Ice rink, Stacy’s house, Ship deck) with unique background images.• Added a new minigame.• Added many new skins and animations for Mary, Priscilla, Becca, Sara, Stacy, Danny, Chantelle.• Added new camera angles for the scenes.• Added new unique animations and effects for the in-game scenes.• Added many types and variations of choices in new scenes.• Added new items to discover.• Added new quests & tasks.• Updated in-game gallery.• Updated credits.• Reworked a LOT of character poses.• Fixed a bunch of known bugs and errors.• Improved project optimization.• Reduced the size of the game by almost half without losing the quality of the art.• Fixed freeze animations on Android.• Updated cheat code is “ozllpw”.• Updated save code is “qmsaeg”.

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