TeaTV MOD APK v10.5.0r (Mod Extra, No Ads) Download

Sunday night will become warmer and more wonderful when the whole family gather together and watch favorite movies. Download now TeaTV MOD APK to watch thousands of movies, TV shows for free.

Introduce about TeaTV

Online movie-watching applications are no longer too strange to users. Today, I continue to introduce to you a movie-watching application that is highly appreciated by users today – TeaTV. This is an application from the publisher of the same name TeaTV. Overall, this app works just like Thop TV and Hunk TV that I introduced before. But TeaTV is much more loved thanks to its many attractive features you will surely be curious about it.

Lots of movie content is released for free

This is one of the indispensable features of movie streaming applications. Almost now, apps are trying to compete with each other by owning as many titles as possible. And TeaTV did not show any inferiority to its competitors. TeaTV owns a huge movie warehouse with thousands of popular series and shows. This application brings together all the videos from all over the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood, which are updated on a regular basis. In addition to movies, regular anime updates are also a point that helps TeaTV attract more diverse users.

Modern interface

An intelligent interface design help users experience the features in a more comfortable way. TeaTV has the main orange tone, stands out without being too blinding. What I like the most is that the submenu and function buttons are arranged neatly in the screen border area.

Search quickly

All TeaTV contents are categorized and neatly arranged by category. So when browsing movies will give results more quickly. There are two options for you to browse movies including a search by popular movies and top-rated movies.

For those who “goldfish brains” or accidentally forget the number of episodes you’ve watched recently, TeaTV’s play history feature will be very useful. It will automatically save your most recent results and you can click to search. For movies you’ve watched a long time ago and forgotten about names, you can search for it by filtering by keywords, genre, or year of release.

Many support features

Most of TeaTV’s available content is available in multiple languages. These include movie descriptions and subtitles as well as popular content for each region. This helps TeaTV reach a wider variety of users.

Suggest and recommend feature is very suitable for those who are wondering what movie to watch. Using smart technology, TeaTV has the ability to follow your history and searches to come up with the most relevant content.

What I like most about TeaTV is that I can preload content and still keep a good connection. Thanks to that, I can enjoy full HD videos even when I’m moving to an area with a stable or unstable ISP.

Mod features of TeaTV

  • No ads: Ads will stop appearing when you experience the app.

Download TeaTV MOD APK for Android

If you still haven’t chosen a movie watch app for the weekend break, try the services that TeaTV MOD APK provides. With the feature in the MOD version, you can enjoy all your favorite movies without worrying about being bothered by junk ads.

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