The best underrated survival games on Steam

survival games are a common pleasure of many players. With many great titles that have been given the name of Best Survival such as: No Man Sky or Don’t starveit is difficult for the genre to expand further.

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There is still room for growth, however, as the digital distribution service known as Steam offers many hidden gems when it comes to games, and that includes Survival. Only older games with less than 3000 reviews or new games with less than 500 total reviews were considered for this list to make them titles worth giving some love and attention to.


10 Raiders: Oaxaca

Players looking for a challenge need look no further Raiders: Oaxaca, an incredibly difficult survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic version of Mexico. With 14 unique skills and 80 special abilities to unlock, players can specialize their character in any way they see fit.

Not only are there multiple endings and characters to meet, as the craft also takes heavy inspiration from the Anarchist’s cookbook. This allows the player to craft grenades from tin cans and other materials they can find in this wasteland.

9 consolation craft

Although the game is in Early Access and still has a long way to go before its full release. consolation craft is a great open world game for players to try out if they’re trying to satisfy the urge to grind to survive.

Despite being created by just one person, the game holds great promise with an already established crafting and building system, as well as the ability for players to build their own working cities. But this world is not meant to be inhabited alone as multiplayer is available for others to survive together.

8th feel the snow

Tiny snowmen have a destiny that not many players know about, feel the snow hopes to reveal this with its cute pixel art style and interesting sandbox world gameplay. Building a house for yourself and up to four players that they can protect from monsters is just one of the many things available.

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In this snowy landscape, while survival is an element of the game through crafting, combat is its main appeal, minus the wonderful story. With a variety of weapons to craft and magic to learn the bosses feel the snow can be a big challenge.

7 Atrio: The dark wilderness

survival in it Atrio: The dark wilderness is easy, right? The combination of automation and survival is an intriguing concept that has been implemented a number of times before. Not only learning how to live, but also having the knowledge to build such devices can add another challenge to avoid the dangers of the game, especially in the dark.

Capturing creatures to use in the player’s machines, working through hazards to make sure everything works, there’s always something new to learn or a new problem to solve atrial.

6 wrong world

Something is definitely wrong wrong world. From its low-poly graphics to its strange beasts, a gamer might think this game is a bit of a joke, but it’s oddly well put together. Behind his silliness is a well thought out survival game that requires the player to craft and build their Ewok-like character in order to survive against the possible dangers in the world.

wrong world has no right to have so much fun playing and yet players will laugh rather than get stressed in this survival game.

5 block history

Embark on an epic quest to save the world from the ever-increasing darkness, block history combines the graphics from Minecraft with an adventure you would expect Dungeons and Dragons. This open-world sandbox emphasizes that the player is in control of the world.

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With the possibility of defeating dragons and other enemies, players must search for better resources to upgrade their gear in hopes of surviving these encounters. Alongside this comes the freedom to build their own sky-high kingdoms to rule from, making the possibilities endless.

4 crash sites

Survival games don’t always have to be drab and miserable, crash sites prove they can be colorful and messy. The player crashes on an alien planet and must fight or even tame aliens in order to survive.

Building has never been so convenient, players simply click on the ground to paint their base, making learning incredibly easy. Since the player is not alone in this world, he meets strange and funny characters with their own problems that they need help to solve.

3 Willful

Combining the elements of a turn-based roguelike game with a survival game results in an interesting top-down experience in a beautiful 2D world with graphics that remind players of retro games.

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Combining crafting with defeating monsters in a randomly generated world makes Willful a game that players can pick up again and again to survive in different landscapes. There are many ways for players to customize their game through custom difficulty settings that allow the player to make the game harder or easier for themselves.

2 Cattail – Become a cat

Playing as a simple person is fine in survival games, but what if a player could transform into a cute cat and live in the wild? Since the release of StrayPlayers have shown their delight in stepping into the shoes of other species, and Cattails allows them to do just that.

As part of three cat clans in the wild who survive the seasons and eventually have their own kittens, Cattails is a delightful title to relax in while food is in stock for the winter.

1 Necessary

Designed as a top down version of terrariums, Necessary has both the exciting bosses and intense survival to match similar games. Farming, building, and crafting are just a few of the possible tasks that players can complete during their time Necessary as they dig deeper and upgrade their materials to improve their survival.

The detailed pixel art game is also only in Early Access and has already made great strides to become a promising game. Since the last update was released in June, there is still a lot of work to be done so Survival fans can look forward to the full release.

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