The Flash Season 9 Set Photos Reveal Surprising Time Travel Characters

new Flash Season 9 set photos depict the return of some surprising characters in a time travel scenario. Arrowverse is preparing to say goodbye to the longest running series of the series after nearly a decade. Flash Season 9 will officially end the show. Grant Gustin will return for another season as Barry Allen as he finishes his time as The CW’s Scarlet Speedster. By the time Flash When season 9 ends, 184 episodes will be aired. Filming for the final season is currently taking place in Vancouver, Canada, and is expected to finish in March.

As filming has been going on since last fall, plenty of Flash Season 9 set photos and videos have surfaced online. The production is currently working on the 10th episode that he is directing. Flash showrunner Eric Wallace.

In the new set images candagraphs (over @ToDoFlash), the outlet managed to get a first look at John Wesley Shipp and Michelle Harrison. Flash season 9. But instead of playing Jay Garrick and Joan Williams, the duo returned as Barry’s parents, Henry and Nora Allen. Henry and Nora look like they’re trying to help him, while another shot sees Gustin pass out. Given that Barry is with his deceased parents, episode 10 looks like it’ll likely include some time travel.

What Stories Are Coming for The Flash Season 9?

While not much is known about the 10th episode, The CW has confirmed many story details for the episode. Flash According to season 9 Flash Season 9 recap will be Barry and Iris “Reconnecting and getting closer than ever.” When a group of Rogues band together under the leadership of a new threat, it will cause Team Flash a handful of trouble. The mysterious enemy will most likely be Red Death. Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie as an alternative to Ryan Wilder. Leslie will also play the regular version of the game. bat woman hero

There will be another contender appearing later in the season, possibly linked to the blue crystal mystery. Flash Season 8 finale. Chapter 9 will be important Flash In season 9, several Arrowverse heroes are returning for an installment. Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and David Ramsey will reprise their roles as Green Arrow and John Diggle. Kid Flash, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, will also guest star as a former actor. Flash big bad blood test. You will also see a separate section Super GirlDreamer shows up at one point to team up with Iris West-Allen.

There’s also the case of the mysterious Caitlin Snow, as her condition remains unknown after her fallout. Flash Season 8 finale. After attempting to resurrect Killer Frost, Caitlin’s fate is on an uncertain note after she tries to use the consciousness resurrection machine. Flash Season 9 will definitely be a bittersweet moment for the Arrowverse. Flash It will be the last Earth-Prime-based series in the series, because Superman and Lois takes place in an alternate Arrowverse World. less than a month ago Flash Season 9 premieres, the final run for the fastest man alive will begin soon.

Source: Canadagraphs (via @ToDoFlash)

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