The Last Of Us Fans Mourn The HBO Show’s Final Disruptive Death

Spoilers for The Last of Us episode 2 below!Follow what’s left of us At the end of episode 2, fans took to social media to mourn the HBO show’s latest heartbreaking death. Pedro Pascal stars as black market smuggler and zombie apocalypse survivor Joel Miller in the television adaptation based on the hit PlayStation video game of the same name. After a deal fails, Joel and his partner Tess (Anna Torv) are enlisted by Marlene (Merle Dandridge), the leader of the militant revolutionary group known as the Fireflies, to accompany 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) on an outing. To the Boston Quarantine Zone and a group of Firefly soldiers on the other side of town.

what’s left of us In Episode 2, Joel, Tess and Ellie find themselves nearly killed by Clickers, a gruesome stage of cordyceps infection, as they flee from the Federal Disaster Response Agency’s (FEDRA) quarantine zone soldiers. Unfortunately, a Clicker manages to bite Tess into securing her devastating fate. Known to have been infected nearby due to the fungus’s extensive mycelial web, Tess uses her last moments to give Joel and Ellie time to escape, filling the lobby of the State House with gasoline and igniting it when the greedy crowd arrives. Fans took to social media to share their sadness and shocking disgust at his death. check how what’s left of us Here’s how his fans reacted to his heartbreaking death:

How Does Tess’s Death on the Show Compare to the Game?

Before what’s left of us‘ premiere, creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann noted that they aim to provide fans with a faithful adaptation of the critically acclaimed source material, with the main beats of the story remaining largely the same. The duo also made fun of some mind-blowing new additions to the narrative to include the diverse nature of the infected. Tess’ death is partially similar to the original the last of us game that makes a comeback with certain character lines.

However, there were also a number of key differences regarding Tess’ death. the last of us adaptation. In the original video game, Joel, Ellie, and Tess leave the Boston Quarantine Zone overnight, pass through the museum, and enter the capitol building. During this time, FEDRA soldiers continue to follow the trio through Boston. The game scene is played similarly to the television show when Tess learns that the Fireflies have been killed. However, instead of knocking on the doors of the capitol building, Tess initially sacrificed herself in a shootout with FEDRA soldiers. His death occurred off-screen the last of us the game, however, was no less emotionally effective.

Tess Made an Impact in a Short Time

Although only appearing in the first two episodes what’s left of usTess made a significant impact on the story. Introduced as an injured and intact survivor with little hope for humanity after Ellie’s immunity is revealed, Tess becomes a force to be reckoned with as she leads the group to State Building via Boston. She kept Joel in check, compelled him to continue on the mission despite her anxiety and inspired Ellie’s strength. Like what’s left of us continues, Tess’ final words demanding to complete the task will motivate Joel to get Ellie safely to the Fireflies.

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