The strongest characters in Neil Gaiman’s comics

Superheroes in comics can fly, survive machine gun fire, and level entire forests, but these characters look like weaklings compared to the strongest characters in Neil Gaimans The Sandman. Immortality, omniscience, and the ability to create anything from nothing are just a few of the most common powers possessed by these characters.

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The seven siblings that make up the family of the Endless are among the most powerful beings in existence, each embodying a universal force such as fate or death. They’re omnipotent in their own realms, so it’s saying something that other characters can even rival the Endless in terms of strength. Here are the most powerful characters in Neil Gaimans sandmanComics.


10 delirium

Delirium is the embodiment of the manic pixie dream girl, an unbalanced, hyperactive child treated that way by everyone around her. Delirium used to be Delight until a mysterious event triggered her transformation.

Delirium’s wild imagination can make practically anything come true, making them far more powerful than almost any other being The Sandman and would have her stand toe-to-toe with some of Marvel’s strongest characters. Luckily, she mostly uses her powers for good and is whimsical despite her chaotic nature. Delirium is quite wise, albeit in the disjointed manner of most prophets, but unfortunately lacks the organizational skills to make the most of her powers.

9 determination

Destiny is a contradictory figure. As the Elder of the Endless, Destiny can see the past, present, and future alike, giving him perfect knowledge of all events in the universe. His omniscience is an exceptional gift, but Destiny has a weakness that prevents him from being the absolute strongest being.

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chained to his fate book, Destiny watches events unfold across the universe, but does essentially nothing to intervene. His book contains the history of every creature in existence, so theoretically Destiny possesses knowledge that could bring about the destruction of anything and everything he wanted. In practice, Destiny’s main power tends to be low key, and when he has other powers, he’s not one to brag about them.

8th Despair

Desire’s twin sister, Despair, is a burly woman who wears a ring with a hook on it, and uses that ring to cut her own flesh. Despair is depression incarnate, feeding on the suffering of others. The more desperate others become, the stronger the despair and With increasing misery over the centuries, her power has grown considerably, making her one of the stronger Endless siblings.

Her only major weakness is that she has a backstory as sad as some attack on Titan Characters have a hard time finding the motivation to do anything with their power at all. Like her brother Destiny, she possesses astronomical powers but largely refuses to use them. Unlike her brother, there is little that can stop her when she decides to show her strength.

7 destruction

Tall, stocky, loud, and redheaded, Destruction doesn’t resemble its darker siblings very much. His name is misleading because his personality doesn’t match it: he has the power to destroy everything, but he is one of the most peaceful of the Endless, lacking any desire to snuff life.

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With the destructiveness of mankind, the power of this endless also grows, but when it reaches its climax with the development of the atomic bomb, Destruction abandons its duties and wanders the earth in search of beauty rather than further cultivating its power. While Destiny’s power is constrained by unknown cosmic forces and Despair’s might by her own sadness, the only thing that really holds Destruction back is its peaceful nature, which is bliss for all.

6 Desire

The power of desire sounds simple, but it involves more than many would think. This endless is the embodiment of longing and desire for something. Sometimes it’s a desired person, sometimes fame, money, power or something more abstract.

The power of desire affects every conscious being, affects every area of ​​their lives and can easily be used to manipulate people. Desperation can trigger wars and other conflicts on a whim, pitting families and entire nations against one another. Unlike some of this Endless’ other siblings, Desire actually tends to use their power in any selfish way they want, which is part of what makes them so powerful and dangerous.

5 Dream

As the Lord of the Dreaming, Dream (aka Morpheus) commands a realm all his own, but also wields a power that touches that of all his siblings. Dream is without question one of the strongest characters in The Sandman universe thanks to his powerful and varied skills and also because he is more than willing to use his power.

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The dream is so powerful that it is even willing to venture into Hell itself to face Lucifer Morgenstern if need be. His confidence to face even the most powerful beings in existence says a lot about his strength. Thankfully, Dream isn’t evil, though flawed and immensely complicated, the power of dreaming rarely turns into the power of pure nightmare.

4 Death

Death, the most powerful of the seven Endless siblings, surprises many by being optimistic and empathetic, two traits that seem counterintuitive for a creature ruling over a cause as gruesome as death itself. Death acts as a shepherd, preparing the living for the next step in their journey, and will be the last being left at the end of the universe.

Since death is almost everywhere, death is borderline ubiquitous. Additionally, she is the only member of the Endless not bound by extensive rules governing her power. Surviving things no other Endless could, ending life wherever she must without any limitation, it’s easy to recognize Death as the strongest comic book character of all time.

3 Lucifer morning star

Despite being incredibly powerful, the Endless are far from the only powerful characters to inhabit The Sandman Universe. In these comics, hell is very real and a being reigns over it that is even stronger than death and her siblings: Lucifer Morgenstern.

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While most fallen angels lose their power, Lucifer retained his, and to call it impressive would be a radical understatement. Lucifer can manipulate any outside force to create any effect desired. His only real limitation is that he can create from nothing without the help of his brother Michael. With his brother’s help, Lucifer can create anything he wants, including new universes if he so desires.

2 Michael Demiurgos

During Lucifer Morningstar’s rebellion against Heaven in The Sandman, it was Michael Demiurgos who led God’s troops into battle against his brother. Michael’s power equals and arguably exceeds his brother’s, making him easily one of the strongest characters in the story The Sandman. Gifted with the power of God’s divine will, Michael’s death would wipe out all creation leaving nothing behind, not to mention breaking the DCEU.

Omniscient, omnipresent, and possessing a list of powers that reads like every superhero’s wish list, Michael Demiurgos can more or less do whatever he wants. The primary control of his power is his brother Lucifer, as the two siblings’ goals are often in direct conflict with one another, preventing either from fully asserting themselves despite their overwhelming strength.

1 The Presence

Presence comes closest to that The Sandman and the DC Universe have an almighty monotheistic god. Omniscient, omnipotent and unequaled, there are essentially no material limitations on the power of the Presence. The Presence, the creator of Michael Demiurgos and Lucifer Morningstar, is without question the strongest being The Sandman, even outshines the endless.

The Presence can do as it pleases, which no other character in the comics can claim to be able to do. In fact, “whatever he wants” is important, as the Presence has a strict code of ethics from which he never deviates. This code is the only thing stopping him from wiping out all existence and then recreating it when he gets bored.

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