The Walking Dead’s New Time Jump Drops Another “Avengers” Crossover Hint

Jump wider another time Walking Dead The franchise brings AMC’s zombie apocalypse one step closer to an Avengers-worthy crossover event. Once dominated by cable TV, Walking Dead Season 11 has closed the book on a live-action adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic, but the future looks unusually bright for a show that’s undergoing a cancellation. Walking Dead It will continue with a series of side projects starting in 2023 and will add to existing side shows such as: Fear the Walking DeadIt is currently progressing towards season 8.

OG spinoff confirmed to be parting shot, Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 will also feature a heavy seven-year time jump. This brings the narrative more or less in line. Walking Dead. A prequel, originally set in the early days of the epidemic, Fear the Walking Dead It gradually approached the main show’s timeline, even briefly capturing Morgan’s arrival in season 4. Walking Dead then he took the lead, outpacing his younger brother, but by a leap of seven years, Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 will once again sneak into its predecessor’s timeline and play with its toys. Potentially, this has significant implications for AMCs. Walking Dead franchise

Fear The Walking Dead’s Timelapse Makes Transition More Likely

Morgan Jones and Madison Clark team up against PADRE, a mysterious kidnapper. Fear the Walking Dead The season 7 finale is determined to free young Mo from the clutches of the organization. This wasn’t a story that required a seven-year time skip, but AMC explained Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 will still continue with Morgan, Madison, and an elderly Mo living under the cruel rule of PADRE, who is sick after seven years of misery. Since such timeline jumps are completely unnecessary, one possible conclusion is that moving forward seven years is a decision that wasn’t made a few years ago. Fear the Walking Dead‘s immediate benefit, but for the benefit of the overall franchise.

Walking Dead is deliberately vague about the details of the timeline, but Morgan has Fear the Walking Dead Shortly before Rick Grimes was kidnapped by CRM. After Rick’s disappearance, Walking Dead jumped forward six years. Time has passed on both shows since then, but if Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 moves forward seven years, making it broadly in line with where it is. Walking Dead Season 11 is over. characters from Fear the Walking Dead it could then reasonably be included in the upcoming spin-offs of the franchise. However, they may also be involved in any potential future transition events.

A Walking Dead Crossing Makes Sense

The frenzied success of Marvel’s MCU in both movies and TV ignited a shared universe craze in entertainment and Walking Dead it is one of many franchises that take their chances to replicate this model. As such, Daryl Dixon, Maggie & Negan, and Rick & Michonne get their own spin-offs in a year. Fear the Walking Dead. The point of a shared universe, of course, is to build towards a huge, climaxing event where all these separate threads and characters come together against a seemingly unstoppable villain.

Although AMC has not yet announced Walking Dead‘s answer Avengers in jobs that certainly seem like a logical goal. For starters, Thanos is already in place. The Civilian Republican Army has appeared around the world. Walking Dead The universe and is further teased by the series finale of the main show, in which Rick is confronted by a CRM helicopter. An enemy like no other Walking DeadThe CRM ‘s protagonists have faced before seems like a hostile force too great to be defeated alone by Rick and Michonne in the short span of their six-episode spin-off.

CRM demands a broader story – the kind that AMC’s canceled Rick Grimes movie trilogy would offer – and that hints at the potential for crossover. Additionally, Walking DeadThe ending left a lot of plot open, and it seems unlikely that all of the current spin-offs will be resolved. Rick’s reunion with Michonne will be huge, but the moment he sees Daryl Dixon is even more important. It’s also hard to imagine Rick going to war against the CRM without the help of his allies in Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Commonwealth. These are all stories that seem to be written for a future Walking Dead cross over.

Fear The Walking Dead Needs a Franchise Transition

Fear the Walking Dead also a Avengersstyle transition. Morgan Jones has left Walking Dead under a cloud, and the character of Lennie James has expressed regret for breaking up with these friends several times during his tenure. Fear the Walking Dead. Morgan’s story isn’t complete until he returns to Alexandria and reunites with Carol, sees Lydia continuing the Aikido technique she taught Henry, and reaffirms her lifelong friendship with Rick Grimes. None of these big, necessary moments fit neatly. Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 or AMC’s future confirmed spin-offs, namely a crossover, will be crucial for Morgan.

Crushing Walking DeadA combination of various components, such as the sausage surprise in Terminus, can also bring up to three closures. Fear the Walking Dead originals. Alicia left Fear the Walking Dead At the end of season 7, just like her mom Madison returns. While it’s unlikely that Alicia actress Alycia Debnam-Carey will make an appearance in season 8, her Fear the Walking Dead The journey will not end until the long-awaited parent-daughter reunion takes place. Alicia’s future has been deliberately left open-ended, which makes her a Walking Dead Transitioning event to finally find out that his mother survived.

The Walking Dead Has Already Mimicked An Avengers-Style Crossover Event

despite a Walking Dead The crossover is just speculation at the moment, the current shows have already laid the groundwork – some teasing is surprisingly obvious. Inside Walking Dead In Season 11, Lance Hornsby talked about a link between the Commonwealth and CRM, but that topic was not brought up and hinted that a future project would fill the gap. Given that the Commonwealth is now part of the Alexandria alliance, any previous connection to the CRM is immediately Walking Dead‘s characters and communities engage in a conflict. More specifically, Daryl promised to call Rick and Michonne before leaving. Walking DeadThe last part of ‘s clearly hints at a future meeting down the road.

Same way, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond laid the groundwork for his own continued involvement in the franchise’s future. Silas joined CRM as an inside agent and secretly worked against the enemy, while his more scientifically inclined friends scramble to develop a cure for the fungal virus. This optimistic but yet unfinished end, The Walking Dead: The World BeyondWhile “Major General Beale” and CRM’s secret plan to destroy other large communities promise big stories in the years to come, the characters of “Major General Beale” become important later in the timeline. Walking Deadfuture.

Despite Walking Dead now splitting into separate projects, all signs point to a future transition where characters from every corner of the zombie apocalypse join forces against CRM. As of season 7, the timeline is far behind, Fear the Walking Dead he would struggle to join in the fierce fun. Now Fear the Walking Dead It’s been seven years in leaps and bounds, but Morgan and Madison can be sure that if such a crossover happens, they’ll find their place in the post-apocalyptic Avengers series.

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