Things the MCU needs to change from the comics

One of the most ambitious crossovers in the Marvel Comics universe comes from Secret invasion. A storyline featuring the heroes and villains that audiences loved and who revealed themselves as body thieves. The storyline doesn’t let the audience know who to trust and who to stand up for, and now Disney Plus is setting up something similar.

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Samuel L. Jackson will direct the Marvel Cinematic Universe television crossover event Secret invasion. Considering the comic affects virtually every character in the Marvel Universe, the Marvel Studios show needs to change a lot considering there’s still a lot to discover in the MCU.


7 No Illuminati

One of the most famous and mysterious superhero groups in Marvel Comics are the Illuminati. This group consists of the brightest minds of Marvel characters such as Professor Xavier, Mister Fantastic, Namor and Iron Man. This group was seen in the name thanks Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessa Marvel Studios production that gave a taste of the vastness of what is possible in the Marvel Multiverse.

The group featured in the Doctor Strange sequel is a far cry from the original group featured in the comics. The Illuminati play an important role everywhere Secret invasion comical as the members fail to figure out who among them is a Skrull impostor while at the same time attempting to impose their threat on Skrulls. Considering that half of the Illuminati’s characters are yet to be introduced, it’s unlikely that Disney Plus will feature the main cast of these characters.

6 Secret Agent Spider Woman

One of the most important characters in the Secret invasion Action is Spider-Woman. Nick Fury recruited Spider-Woman early on for his secretive infiltration of the Mystery Invasion. Spider-Woman’s role was to be a mole in both Hydra and SHIELD. and to report to him any suspicious activity that might be alarming regarding Skrulls and the like.

Considering Sony owns the rights to Spider-Woman, it’s highly doubtful the studio will loan the character to Marvel Studios Secret invasion, especially considering how rocky her relationship with Spider-Man and other Spidey characters involved already is. However, the character has big revelations in the comic that could be an interesting twist for the Disney Plus series.

5 A lack of Iron Man

Iron Man is a character in the Secret invasion Comedian tasked with his mission. Tony Stark begins with the Skrull anatomy and discovers the true source while at the same time questioning his own identity as to whether he is a Skrull or not. The Iron Man character is a fan favorite in the Marvel Universe, and thanks to Robert Downey Jr., the character shines in every performance.

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Unfortunately, Iron Man died in the events of to save the universe Avengers: Endgameso his appearance in Secret invasion is next to impossible. Marvel Studios doubts they’ll be bringing the iconic character back any time soon, and doing so without Robert Downey Jr. is out of the question.

4 The Wild Country

Deep in Antarctica lies a tropical prehistoric land known in the Marvel Universe as The Savage Land. Here, volcanoes are deep and starved, and dinosaurs are mature and thriving. This tropical reserve is hidden from the world, but many superheroes know about The Savage Land. in the Secret invasionit is the site of many events and revelations.

Comic book movies have devoted their time to realism, but lately they’ve immersed themselves in the cheesy fun found in comics. The Savage Land is a perfect opportunity for Marvel to let loose and show audiences just how wild comics can get. However, it’s such a wild change that her version of Secret invasion is doubtful to benefit from it.

3 X-Mens Counter Strike

When the Skrull invasion reaches the San Francisco shore, they are greeted by the X-Men. San Francisco was the new home of the X-Men and Mutants. The Skrulls that attacked did not expect the might of the X-Men, who launched a counterstrike against the Skrull invaders. The X-Men, as always, devoted their time to defending civilians and evacuating buildings that were under attack.

The X-Men have put up a valiant fight, being no stranger to the importance of teamwork and having a plethora of enemies they want dead. Version by Marvel Studios Secret invasion likely won’t involve the X-Men considering there has been little mention of mutants, let alone a new lineup of iconic characters since 20th Century Fox’s X-Men era.

2 Fantastic Four

Another group of characters that seem to be vital to the story of almost Secret invasion are the Fantastic Four. The members, The Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, The Thing and The Invisible Woman are all involved as Marvel’s “first family”. These characters are awaiting their MCU debut because so much of the project is being kept under wraps that it would be unusual to see these characters make their first appearance in it Secret invasion.

The Fantastic Four are vital to the Marvel Universe, they are the heart at its core. One day viewers will finally see the characters in the MCU, but Secret invasion isn’t the time for that considering it’s more of a spy thriller starring Nick Fury than the light blue superhero outfits.

1 Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts

Few superhero teams are more divided and morally gray than the Thunderbolts. The name alone has attracted many members, some of whom run the MCU’s Thunderbolts, such as Winter Soldier and Taskmaster. These Thunderbolts are involved Secret invasionLed by none other than Spider-Man’s Norman Osborn.

It’s doubtful that Norman Osborn will appear in the MCU yet, as he’s a Sony-exclusive character. The character is very important in the Secret invasion Comics and is directly involved in its conclusion and aftermath. Fans will have to wait and see how Disney Plus handles the comic book adaptation instead.

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