Things the Modern Warfare 2 Beta gets right

With fans getting closer to the full experience of the next entry call of Duty franchise with Modern warfare 2, Activision has given players the opportunity to build their first impressions on the long-awaited title. The first weekend of beta for PlayStation players has come with mixed feedback, with various suggestions as to which features should be kept or tweaked for the final release.

With the release just around the corner, fans are hoping that the developers can refine the gaming experience in the best possible way. Still, the final version should keep some of the things that worked well.


6 shoot-out

The most important part of all FPS shooters almost always comes down to the gameplay and especially how the gunplay and combat works. Each entry in this franchise has shown tweaks and variations in its gameplay features, but in this case, Infinity Ward once again managed to captivate players.

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Stick to the gameplay and combat engagement of Modern Warfare (2019), Modern warfare 2The beta version of improved on this by offering a much more realistic and grounded experience. From the reload animations to the return of Dolphin Dive, this has left many fans wanting more and waiting to see what the game’s full untethered experience has to offer.

While this can be toned down depending on the perks players choose to take, the addition of louder footsteps and movements has created another layer of tactical awareness and engagement for fans.

Players will find that they need to be much more careful and careful when turning corners or getting close to enemy lines. This can potentially be adjusted upon game release based on community feedback, but so far this has played a crucial role in lobbies. Ultimately, it adds new elements in terms of playstyles, whether players want to be excited or patient.

4 audio design

One of the most prominent praises that this title’s predecessor received was its attention to detail in the sound design, especially the weapons. Many fans who are aware of this will know modern warfare (2019) realistic gunshot sounds, explosions, and spec-ops-like communication between operators.

This is repeated here and appears to have been reinforced. The new game has allowed players to position themselves better accordingly and given them the ability to spot where shots are coming from. Infinity Ward made an important decision here, as it will continue to benefit fans who have been looking for the most immersive experience, and audio is a prominent part of that.

3 cards

The most common complaint about the last call of Duty title, especially vanguard and Modern Warfare (2019), has focused on their map designs. Whether the maps are too big or too small for players, fans have often expressed their frustration, hoping that the developers will implement better environments and areas for players to fight.

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With Modern warfare 2‘s beta, which gives players access to four of its maps over its first weekend, reception has so far turned for the better. Depending on the remaining maps that players can experience, Infinity Ward has a chance to increase praise and please fans in this area.

2 gunsmith

One change that some fans might not have anticipated was the Gunsmith’s innovation. This added a new feature that allows players to use already unlocked attachments on new weapons. This might be controversial for some as it might kill the idea of ​​spending time honing for a specific weapon.

However, for players who find leveling certain weapons daunting and tiring, this is the perfect complement. It offers the freedom to customize new weapons early on as they are unlocked through challenges or the Battle Pass. Depending on the type of weapon a player decides to use, players can change each style and fire mode, bringing a new gaming experience.

1 executions

That call of Duty Franchise has featured an abundance of stylish executions in its titles, giving players alternative ways to neutralize enemies alongside weapons. These vary by operator and also expand each season, with new sets available to players and through the game’s store. The beta of Modern warfare 2 offers some of the more brutal and realistic executions for players lucky enough to sneak behind enemies without being detected. While this can be a lot harder given the noisier enemy footsteps and movement, the new animations and unique executions might make it worthwhile.

Depending on the type of melee weapons players have at their disposal, these executions can become a major factor for many players if Infinity Ward decides to use them as challenges. This could potentially encourage players to embrace a stealth playstyle and choose to camp in remote areas more often. Of course, this will also add up to the remaining maps yet to be experienced.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available on October 28 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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