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Alice is a new Simulacra from “Tower of Fantasy” that is set to be released on the 1st of October, 2022, they’ve released a PV and information about her skills which we’ve compiled and translated in this article.

We’ll update the article once Alice has been released.

Background of Alice

Alice’s background is always wrapped in a layer of mystery. The following three paragraphs that we manage to uncover can provide some clues for the pioneers:


A member of the Mirror City Security Department’s evaluation of Alice:

Alice? Oh, you mean M-sec2000, she is a recruit who just joined the security department not long ago. She is a good person, talented, has been trained hard, and is full of energy. She is often brave, challenging those that are stronger than her. She always said that she wanted to be the same person as Captain Saki Fuwa, but she still needed to learn a lot about being calm.

Speaking of this, Captain Saki Fuwa seems to be very concerned about this recruit, who probably reminds her of her younger self.


A resident of Mirror City who experienced the event of the Greyfield Crisis told the following story:

Two years ago, Mirror City’s defensive force field failed, and the enemy flooded in overwhelmingly. The security department suffered heavy casualties, and everyone fell into despair. At this moment, a white light shot straight into the sky, fighting with the enemy, like countless meteors streaking across the night sky, I have never seen such a graceful fighting spirit, never seen such a dazzling light…

That white light was M-sec002, the then Secret Service Captain of the Ministry of Security, and she sacrificed in the end in exchange for the quelling of the crisis. What happened later was told by Haigarde.

I will never forget her, she is the hero of Mirror City, may she rest in peace in the stars.


The last one is an urban legend that may not be true, but it is interesting to talk about.

It is said that many years ago, there was a very talented female figure skating dancer. Whenever she danced on the ice, everyone would gather together to watch and enjoy her performance. But one day, the dancer suddenly disappeared and never performed publicly again. Rumor has it that the dancer joined the Security Ministry and incorporated her dance moves into battle moves to guard the city.

Sounds a bit cryptic, right? But who doesn’t love a beautiful story? Anything is possible in the “Mirror City”!

Role of Alice

Alice is an ice-type Simulacra that excels at control, she will be an important member of the ice team.

Alice Skills

Basic Attack

  • When on the ground or in the air, tap the basic attack to perform 5 consecutive attacks.
  • Press and hold the basic attack to release the waltz, each hit will cause damage to the target, during which time you will gain the effect of dominance and continue to consume stamina.
  • When using the swan arc, press and hold the basic attack to gather the target to cause area damage, and the last strike will force the target to float and cause damage.
  • When you are in the air, long press the basic attack to trigger a heavy attack. During the falling process, each hit will cause damage to the target.


Long press to dodge forward to enter a cloaked state and continue to consume stamina, gain movement speed increase, decloaking will cause damage and freeze nearby targets. After clicking to dodge backward, you can perform 3 basic attacks in a row, and the first attack will force the target to float.


The skills release a cold field that attracts nearby targets, deals damage, and force the targets to float.


Release the “White Star in the Night”, knocking back and causing damage to the target, you’re also immune to damage during this time.

Simulacra Traits

The final damage will be increased after the weapon skill is successfully released. Once you level “Wings of Inextinguishables” to 1 star, releasing physical, fire, and thunder-based skills in the cold field will trigger summon Alice for a combo attack, which also is treated as using your own combo attack and gaining the respective effects.


According to the skills outlined above, Alice is a very powerful character. First of all, regardless of whether she’s on the ground or in the air, tapping her basic attack will launch 5 consecutive attacks, and there is no CD. If you keep pressing the basic attack, you can cause very high damage to the enemy, and the character will have the effect of dominance while doing this, and the enemy’s attack cannot cause damage to the character.

Especially in the case of swan arcs, if you keep using basic attacks, you will keep accumulating damage, and also sets up the last blow for an extremely high damage to the enemy. When the character is in the air, if you press and hold the basic attack, it will always attack the enemy, and it will directly hit the enemy when it falls, giving the enemy a heavy hit.

Alice’s evasion skills can also help her stealth configuration, but be aware that she will continue to use stamina in the process, and after the state ends, it will freeze nearby enemies and cause damage.

Alice also has the monster gathering skill that the ice team is currently lacking, it will also force the targets into the air. When using Baixingguanye, you can directly control and fly the target, and the middle itself is not controlled by the enemy. After each casted skill hits the enemy, you can also improve the final damage skill, cause high damage to the enemy, and give the opponent a fatal blow, which greatly improves the overall strength of the ice team.

Recommended Squad

Coming Soon.

Allice Official PV

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