Training Slaves To Make A Harem Chapter 24: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

What if you are given a chance to enslave three girls? Now, they are your property as you have purchased them like an object. You have the liberty to do what you may like with them. Will you take this opportunity or help them to live their life to their own decisions? If you say you are a good person who will help them and won’t take any advantage of them, then we know what the real truth is.

This manga goes in deep; into how a noble does hard work behind three girl slaves, which he had bought from their previous master, but with patience. The artist and author is someone who is a big chemistry fan because of his name. And that is Aldehyde.

Training Slaves to make a Harem, or if we address it in Japanese, then Dorei wo Choukyoushite Harem Tsukuru comes under the genre of Comedy, Fantasy & Slice of Life with themes of Demons (the three girls), Harem & Loli. The manga falls under the demographic of Shounen. Before the release date of chapter 24, let’s know about our girls and their patient master.

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Training Slaves To Make A Harem Stories

Let’s name the master John (as the name is not mentioned). John bought three minor demon girls. As we already what will he do with them? Right, he wants them to be his slaves.

Presently, as the girls are less in age and do not with many muscles in their bodies, John starts taking care of them and broom them as he doesn’t want to sleep with skeletons. Dude has his choice. John is a rich man. He treats them with healthy, nutritious food. Cleans them and makes them wear a uniform every day for their entire life, taking the liberty of what to wear.

Daisy and Cairo in a talk

Daisy and Cairo in a talk

He teaches them how to behave, talk and acquire good habits, making them leave their existing habits acquired by their previous master. John even makes them learn how to cook for him and them as, at last, they are his slaves and have to pay to back him with their bodies. After officially adopting, he names the three Daisy, Rubbery, and Conia.

Chapter 23 – Recap 

After four years, they are grown above their average level with good nurturing. Daisy is like a perfect maid and is always ready for her master. Rubbery, who has gained magical power, is studying in a magic school, unlike the other two. And the last Cairo, who is a free soul, always eats, sleeps, and is mostly out of sight.

In chapter 22, we see Daisy getting uncomfortable watching Cairo being petted by her master by her order. After which, both talk while having a meal. Daisy is amazed how a strong soul girl like Cairo was held slave back then. 

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Chapter 23 continues with Rubbery in her school. Where we see a unicorn-horned boy asking her to have lunch together, to which she replies, ‘she is busy.’ Then we get to know her female friend with bunny-like ears who compliment Rubbery on her being popular. Rubbery says she doesn’t know why they talk to me. She then thinks, what will everyone think about her if they get to know her past as a slave? 

Rubbery thinking of her master

Rubbery, thinking of her master

In the next scene, we see both of them sitting in a park, and the bunny girl asks the type of boys she likes. Rubbery replies, ‘they all look brat to her.’ To which bunny girl says that she likes older guys, and Rubbery starts to think about John, her master

What Is The Release Date Of Training Slaves To Make A Harem – Chapter 24?

The release date of chapter 24 is not specified yet. But, if we look at the previously published chapters’ release dates and analyze them, we see Chapter 23 was published on 12th January 2023 and chapter 22 on 29th December 2022.

Therefore, the probability of Chapter 24 dropping will be 31st January 2023. The translation work is done by Sulieman and the team. Training Slaves To Make A Harem is a short and good read because of its 4,5 slide chapter and a humorous sentence at the end of every chapter.

Where To Read Training Slaves To Make A Harem – Chapter 24?

We don’t know who is the official publisher of this manga except for the writer. Perhaps, this is independent material. But do not worry. You can read or buy this harem manga on official raw as well as purchase it officially from Amazon. Also, have a look at author Aldehyde’s other works, namely Neeko wa Tsurai yo, Kimi wa Yakamashi Tojite yo Kuchi wo!, Isekai Ryouri Battle, and more.

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