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It might be tempting to fully commit to Vlad V rising and do all the work, but it’s still a survival game that requires automation and other menial tasks to be delegated to servants. It can also get lonely in single player. Players will want their dominated mortal minions to keep them company, if only for a moment. But like blood inside V rising, Players must be selective with their minions.

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The slaves are common enough not to mean too much. These are the ones tasked with gathering stuff, mining, and other manual work. The more special or rare ones help players win siege defenses or complete missions much more successfully. Players will want to hunt down these types of minions if they want the best that humanity has to offer their undead, blood-sucking overlords.

While some of these minions are relatively rare or difficult to master, they can still spawn with random blood quality. Players are advised to aim for the highest blood quality percentage possible when looking for a minion of any type.


6 nuns

They tend to just run around and yell when they see players running around villages or attacking the locals, but that doesn’t mean nuns are just fodder. These women of cloth are highly sought after as servants because of their ability to heal other people. They can heal players’ grunting minions, which is always a useful ability when they’re under siege or in combat.

For better results, players should look for nuns who carry around staffs. They tend to have good healing abilities, and they have Holy Resistance, which makes them good for certain missions. Aside from that, nuns are also efficient scavengers in the Dunley farmland, so when sent on missions they usually come back with some satisfying resources.

5 cleric

Think of nuns, except they are better fighters and tend to be stubborn, that’s the cleric in a nutshell, at least for V rising. Many of them spawn with the typical sword and plank setup and can be difficult to kill as they are naturally strong. Also, they tend to come with packs of foot soldiers, and they can buff or heal their comrades while staying on the sidelines.

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By the way, clerics are good servants V rising. They have a small but adequate range of spells, as well as equal amounts of physical and spell power, making them great all-rounders too. It is best to pair them with minions or other brutal characters V rising if players want a self-sustaining army.

4 priest

Priests aren’t as tough in combat as Clerics, but they hold up well on their own. Their specialty is summoning constructs that will attack players and send down God’s wrath on any target, preferably pagans and heretics. But times are changing and they don’t mind working for Satan’s spawn in their quest to dominate the people.

They do good damage from afar. This means they work well as ranged units once the grunts block enemy attacks during a siege. They’re also good at damaging vampires, so hitting them strategically against other players in multiplayer can work wonders. However, players will need to make extra effort to keep them alive as even the high quality ones tend to be fragile.

3 sword knight

Players will recognize these guys when they see them. These are the Knight variants in V rising wielding long two-handed swords and attacking relentlessly like there’s no tomorrow. For many players, these guys can be difficult to fight in melee, especially when there are multiple of them all attacking from different angles. For that matter, they make some impressive minions.

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They also spawn more frequently compared to other minions. These knight variants are usually found in large cities like Silverlight. Players can run around dominating several of these guys to make them the vanguard of their mini-army. They work well in missions, and when paired with a Cleric or Nun, they can decimate attackers during a siege.

2 paladin

For those looking for something even more menacing and tough than two-handed sword knights V rising, then the paladin is at the top of the food chain when it comes to melee fighters in the game. They walk around armed with shining armor and mighty hammers. While they strike slightly slower compared to Sword Knights, each hit deals more damage.

In addition, they have more dynamic and interesting skills and abilities that make them more agile or capable than simple knights. That’s why every player is there V rising will want to dominate almost every paladin they see in game or replace them with higher quality variants. They are the best melee fighters in the game, no matter the circumstances.

1 light weaver

Those pesky, teleporting mages hanging around Silverlight Hills are a bane to many players V rising. They are difficult to kill and also difficult to control due to their evasive maneuvers. Still, players will want one in their entourage. Even just one Lightweaver in a castle can keep other players from invading it due to the attention and skill required to defeat them.

When not scurrying around trying to get players to waste their spells, Lightweavers unleash their wide area attacks that are difficult to dodge, especially when there are multiple of them. They’re not really strong enough, but the teleportation ability makes them seem tougher than they should be.

V rising is available in Early Access on PC.

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