What Are The Ways To Get Gems In Punball?

Gems are one of the currencies used in Punball, apart from coins. Gems can be quite useful if you know how to spend them. However, before using the item, you must know how to get gems in Punball first. If you’re looking for a way to obtain them, this is the place to be. In this guide, we have mentioned several ways in which you can stock them up and use them whenever necessary.

How to Get Gems in Punball?

Get Gems in Punball

Fortunately, there are multiple ways in which you can get gems in Punball. We have mentioned those methods below for your reference. Have a look at the list of ways below and apply them in your gameplay.

  • Clear Levels
  • Complete Daily Quests
  • Event tasks
  • Main Tasks
  • Purchase from Shop

Clear Levels

On the main screen, you will see Chests resting just above the Start button. These chests contain items such as Gems, Stars, Energy, Keys, etc. Below the chests, you will see the level you need to clear. You simply have to clear the said level and collect Gems as rewards.

Complete Daily Quests

There are certain missions that refresh on a daily basis. These tasks drop certain rewards that you can claim without much hassle. This is one of the easiest ways to claim gems.

Event Tasks

Events keep occurring at certain intervals in the game and along with these events, players get to obtain rewards through event tasks. These tasks are easy enough for even the new players to crack.

Main Tasks

Another way to grab a few gems in Punball is to complete the main tasks. Similar to the event tasks, these are simple too. The only difference is that these tasks keep refreshing as you complete them.

Purchase from Shop

We have kept this suggestion as a last option because this method involves transacting with real money. If you can get enough gems by simply playing the game for free, you wouldn’t want to spend your pocket money on them. Nonetheless, it is an instant way to get more gems. So, if you feel the need to do so, you can gladly visit the in-game shop.

These are some of the ways through which you can get gems in Punball. If you found this guide helpful, we think these topics might interest you as well, Best Equipment to Use in Punball and Best Pets Tier List.

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