What Bitlife Sport Pays the Most? – Answered

As in real life, money is a vital part of Bitlife. To make money you can start your business or make a career in a well-paid profession. However, in some cases going through a sports career is the best decision. Read this guide, and you will find out what Bitlife sports pays the most. 

The Most Paid Sport in Bitlife

In Bitlife, there are seven different kinds of sports: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, and Volleyball. And you can make the most money playing football. This sport is available for women, but only in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, if you think that becoming a sports star is easy, you are completely wrong.

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Additionally, to practice in Bitlife there is a hidden characteristic – athleticism. You have to increase it even from childhood. So, below is the complete guide on what you are supposed to do to become a sports star.

  1. When you are eight years old, start taking long walks with the speed walk option. It is recommended to do it until you turn 12.
  2. From 12 years to high school, you should regularly go to the gym. Also, you can take long walks parallelly, this will only improve your result.
  3. In high school, maximize your efforts in the gym and try to join a football team, or even create your own. However, joining the team affects your reputation and popularity better than creating a new one.

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After high school, combining regular training with matches is the key to success. Unfortunately, if you already have a profile, you need to create a new one and aim at physical training.

In conclusion, becoming a well-paid athlete is a long path, which should be done from childhood. However, such efforts are very well evaluated in the future. That is how it works!

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