What Does Stacks on Stacks Do in Omega Strikers? – Answered

Omega Strikers is an exciting project that allows you to participate in interesting football matches. The game has some elements of MOBA and there are many different characters you can play. Also, you will need to use special perks called Trainings to make your hero stronger and today we are going to tell you about one of them. This guide will explain to you what Stacks on Stacks does in Omega Strikers.

What Does Stacks on Stacks Do in Omega Strikers?

There are lots of different Trainings that you can use in Omega Strikers. They work like some kind of special perks that provide your character with various passive bonuses. Stacks on Stacks is one of these Trainings and it seems to be quite popular among experienced players. So, in this guide, we will tell you why this perk is so special.

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If you read the Stack on Stacks description you will see that it stacks some buffs when you hit your opponents. Your light, medium, and heavy hits grant you with 2, 3, or 4 stacks of the Haste buff. This bonus is equal to 0.15% per stack and it seems to be a nice way to make your character stronger.

The Stack on Stacks bonus seems to be really strong but it also has some additional effect. Once you get 100 stacks of this ability you will be able to get additional Power from your Speed. Your character will receive 6 bonus Power per 100 Speed and it seems to be a really powerful boost.

Stack on Stacks is a very popular perk and we highly recommend it for experienced players. If you manage to keep its bonus you will be able to get a huge advantage over your opponents and defeat them. Good luck with your further matches in Omega Strikers!

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