What Episode Does Midnight Die In My Hero Academia Anime?

Midnight is a popular character in My Hero Academia anime series. She is a Pro Hero and is known for her calm demeanor and Quirk, which lets her make others fall asleep. She is also known for her beauty, intelligence, and kind personality. Fans of the series love her for her strong will and willingness to help those in need.

Overall, Midnight has become a fan-favorite character in My Hero Academia. She teaches the student at U.A. High School and is a part of the school’s faculty member. She is often seen wearing a mask to hide her face and is known for her stoic demeanor and intellectual capabilities. Midnight’s popularity among fans of the series has grown in recent years due to her characterization, strong sense of justice, and mysterious aura.

She is often seen as a strong and independent female character who is unafraid to stand up for her beliefs. Her intelligence has also been praised by many fans, as she often outwits her opponents and comes up with clever plans. Midnight has also become popular among cosplayers, with her distinctive mask and costume making her a popular choice.

Fans of the series often stay up late to watch new episodes, and the series has become a staple of late-night anime watching this season. Many fans have created dedicated fan clubs and forums to discuss the series and its latest developments. But what makes this season tragic is Midnight’s death, and fans from all around the world are mourning the loss of their favorite character. Let’s find out how she died this season.

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What Episode Does Midnight Die In My Hero Academia Anime?

If you are here to know if your favorite character Midnight died in My Hero Academia anime, then the answer is, yes, she did die in the latest season. Midnight has been part of the series since season 1, and it’s pretty heartbreaking to say goodbye to your favorite character that you’ve been following for a long time. Manga readers have already gone through this heartbreak earlier than anime watchers, but if you are someone who does not follow the manga.

Mina and other students of class 1-A

My Hero Academia

Then this might be quite shocking for you; however, nothing can be changed, and we have already said goodbye to her in season 6, episode 14 of the series. We are sure everybody cried buckets after watching episode 14 because no matter how prepared you are to say your final goodbye watching it on screen can lead to an outburst of emotions. In episode 14, Midnight gets heavily injured during the fight scene against the league of villains. Still, she manages to contact Yaoyorozu and advises her to evacuate the forest with the other students because the situation is too dangerous.

But when class 1- A arrives at the scene, they find Midnight’s dead body covered in blood in the forest. The students were deeply saddened by the demise of one of their most respected and loved teacher. This episode is one of the most devastating scenes in the series after Twice’s death in episode 3 of this season. The fans have barely recovered from his death, and we already have another fan-favorite character’s death this season. It seems like this season is full of tragic scenes and heartbreaks, and we are at episode 16. Currently, let’s hope we do not have to go through any more tragic deaths.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Characters And Voice Actors

In the latest season, Midoriya Izuku’s character is voiced by Daiki Yamashita, and Shouto Todoroki’s character is voiced by Yuuki Kaji. Junichi Suwabe portrayed the supporting character Shouta Aizawa, Akio Ootsuka voiced All For One, and Kenta Miyake voiced all Might’s characters. Yuuto Uemura voices Tamaki Amajiki, Kousuke Kuwano voices Yuuga Aoyama, and Eri Kitamura voices Mina Ashido.

Where To Watch My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia season 6 is currently streaming on platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. You can watch it on any platform you like by taking their monthly subscription.

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