What Happened To Puck From Glee? Cause Of The Actor’s Premature Real Life Death

Do you know what happened to Puck from Glee? By now, you must know that the actor behind Puck that is Mark Salling, is no more alive. Wait, what? Yes! The news of his sudden death at the beginning of 2018 left everyone in a huge shock.

Starting from the basics, Puck, whom we knew as Mark Salling, was an incredible actor. Some of his great acting credits include- The Graveyard, Rocky Road, and Walker, Texas Ranger. Well, he also made a special guest appearance in The X Factor. 

Little did you know Mark Salling also had good music skills. However, his stage name was not the same as “Jericho.” With that, he released his debut album, Smoke Signals. In 2010, his single, Higher Power, also became quite a hit. 

Talking about his character in Glee, Mark played Noah “Puck” Puckerman. Well, it’s a romantic musical comedy-drama that premiered in 2009. The actor was fully associated with the same until Season 4. In the last two final seasons, he made guest appearances. Later, Puck didn’t have many scenes.

Being one of the leading characters, we saw Puck as Finn Hudson‘s best pal. However, the former didn’t want and also disapproved of Fin’s decision to join the glee club. What happened to him at the end of the Glee? Also, what caused Mark’s real-life death? If you are looking for all these, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Puck From Glee

Mark Salling portrayed the character of Puck in Glee

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How Did Puck As Mark Salling Die In Real Life? 

Before getting into the cause of Mark Salling’s premature death, let’s briefly learn how his character, Puck, got justified at the end of Glee. Well, Puck decided to pursue his career by enlisting himself in the Air Force. What for? He decided to do so to honor his best friend, Finn. It showed how strong their bond was. 

Now comes- how did Puck as Mark Salling die? The cause was not natural, but he committed suicide. Yes! It might sound very ugly and disappointing to you, but that’s the truth. That’s how it appeared, at least. Things were not so simple. Then? 

Mark Salling was found guilty of downloading over 50,000 child abuse pictures. Several videos were also there on his computer. To be more precise, it also includes 4000 same things on his flash drive. How harsh! For that, the actor even pleaded.

It was on 30 January 2018 when he passed away after hanging himself in the woods. Born in 1982, Puck from Glee was then just 35 years old in reality. When investigated, his dead body was found near a baseball field in Los Angeles.

What Happened To Puck From Glee

Mark Salling

If we talk about the Glee actors, Mark Salling was not the only one to die at a young age. Even Cory Monteith passed away in 2013. He was then 31 years old. What was the cause? Well, he died because of an “accidental overdose” of alcohol and heroin. Mark’s co-star, Tim Davis, paid tribute to him, making it on his Twitter account. 

Right before his death day, one of Mark’s family members reportedly found him missing from home at 3:00 a.m. While sharing their heartfelt message for him, his family said that Mark was trying his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment.

Mark committed the same a few weeks before he was about to get imprisoned for his misconduct. While pleading guilty, the actor even agreed to serve a time period of four to seven years in jail. It was not his first suicide attempt, though.

Previously, Puck from Glee reportedly cut both of his wrists after getting “freaked out.” Later, he was taken to the hospital for immediate medical care and eventually taken to rehab. No doubt, things turned ugly for Puck in real life. 

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