What Happened To Waffler69 On Tiktok? Reason Behind His Premature Death

What happened to the Tiktok star, Waffler69? The news of his sudden, premature death has been making headlines for quite some time. It’s been more than a week, but his fans are still not convinced that he is no more. 

Well, not everyone is well aware of the reason behind his death. Before getting into what went wrong, let’s have Waffler69’s brief introduction, especially about his prominence on social media. 

To the newbies, Waffler69 surely can’t be anyone’s real name but his user name on Tiktok. He was originally known as Taylor Brice LeJeune and was born in Lafayette, Lousiana, United States. Taylor used to celebrate his birthday each year on 7 August. 

What was Waffler69 famous for? Well, people knew him significantly as the food critic. He used to share videos of him tasting a wide range of foods, both common and unique. Trying out different kinds of plant-based burgers and spicy pickles was among his favorites. 

Eventually, when Taylor rose to fame, he launched his Waffler Seasoning. That also turned out to be a huge success. 

Waffler69’s sudden death has left everyone in shock. It still feels very weird and upsetting to realize that we won’t be able to see his bubbly live videos. Especially the food lovers are going to miss him more. 

Coming back to Waffler69’s death at this early age, after the news came to the limelight, several theories were made up. But those turned out to be false. Whereas the original reason made sense but was hurtful too. If you are looking for what happened to Waffler69, here is what we know. 

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What Happened To Waffler69? The reason Behind His Death At This Early Age Revealed 

The food enthusiast Tiktok star, Taylor Brice as, known as Waffler69, passed away on 11 January 2023. It’s been a few days since this cheerful and jolly person left all of us shattered. 

What Happened To Waffler69 On Tiktok

Waffler69 was known for trying out wild foods

When investigated, the timing of his death was around 10:00 p.m. How did he die? Waffler69 died because of a heart attack. Wait, what? Yes! The news, especially the cause, must be very disappointing, as he was too young for that. Born in 1989, Waffler69 was then just 33 years old. 

What happened to Waffler69 on that particular day? Initially, the Tiktok star was feeling uneasy and therefore called his mother. But, lately, he realized that his condition was getting worse. Thereafter, he called an ambulance so that he could immediately get treated by the doctors at the hospital. After struggling for a few hours, Waffler69 left peacefully. 

Being Waffler69’s fan, you must know about his brother, who is another Tiktok star. Yes, we are talking about Clayton. He confirmed this disheartening news of Waffler’s death. He made a separate video of the same and posted it the following day. That was right on 12 January 2023.

In his post, Clayton said, “Please keep his legacy alive; rest in peace, Bubba I love you.”

Clayton also wanted to help his family with some amount to arrange for Waffler69’s funeral to be done in a good manner. For that, he launched GoFundMe. 

After a few days or so, several theories surrounding Waffler’s death came up. It was reported that he died because of Covid 19 vaccines. But that was fake, as already mentioned. 

Concerning his death from a heart attack, it makes sense. Guess why? Because Taylor’s family reportedly holds a strong history of heart disease. Even his father had a genetic heart problem which took him away from them at a very young age. 

People have been paying tribute to Waffler69 on their respective Twitter accounts.

Talking about his prominence, before his death, Taylor as Waffler69 was able to earn a massive fanbase of 1.7 million in number. Even his videos used to get an average of 33 million likes on Tiktok. Even his Youtube channel had a handsome number of subscribers. Are you one of them? His latest video has been attached below. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you make it to the end by clicking on it. 

May Waffler69’s soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to Clayton and his other family members. 

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