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According to Halo leaker Bathrobe Spartan — who has been shown to leak Halo inside information — and translated by Metro, Microsoft’s mass layoffs have hit 343 Industries hard, laying off up to a third of its workforce. 343 Industries will then assume a parenting role for Halo, overseeing new games and content while working on game engine maintenance. This isn’t entirely new territory for 343 Industries, having relied on outside help to develop Halo Infinite’s multiplayer content (Season 2 is a prime example of this), but Bathrobe Spartan claims that the planned story-based DLC due to being scrapped it is not considered cost effective under the management of 343.

On the other hand, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier jumped into a Reset Era thread about the report, saying, “I ran these bullet points from a couple of people. While it’s true that 343 is focused on multiplayer, things about scrapping campaign DLC are wrong (I don’t think much of this was planned from the start), and much of it is either wrong or just speculation.

GameSpot has contacted Microsoft for more details, so check the site for more updates.

Speaking of updates, where are the rest of the big fixes for GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. The game pack has been stripped of its Rockstar Store exclusivity and is now available on Steam. This is great for Steam deck owners since all three games are compatible, but at the same time not so great since these Steam releases are in the same rough state the game has been in for months. What’s up with Halo & 343 Industries? | GameSpot News

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